Government faq: super pass shopping malls on holidays in orange

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To access the shopping centers you will not need the green pass but if the Region or the Municipality pass in the orange zone to access it on holidays and the day before holidays, you will have to be in possession of the “strengthened” certificate. This is what the government specifies in one of the faqs just published. Access to shops in shopping centers on weekdays is always allowed without a pass, even in the orange zone, while on holidays and the day before holidays, if you are not vaccinated or cured of Covid, you can only go to grocery stores, newsstands, bookstores, pharmacies. and tobaccos hosted inside the centers.

No coffee at the bar without a super pass in orange

Without the reinforced green pass, in the orange area, it will not even be possible to have coffee at the counter. This is what the government Faqs specify in the chapter dedicated to bars and restaurants, underlining that consumption is instead allowed in both the white and yellow areas, even without a green pass. For those who are neither vaccinated nor cured of Covid and therefore do not have the super pass, moreover, in the orange area it will not be possible to eat at the tables of bars and restaurants not only indoors but not even outdoors.

Green pass, without yes in high school but no in university

Students will not be able to access universities if they do not have at least the basic green pass in the white, yellow and orange areas, while those who attend high schools and technical institutes will be able to enter the class even without green certification.

School bus under 12, no green pass required

On school buses dedicated to the school transport of minors under 12, the green pass will not be required either in the white and yellow area or in the event that the region or municipality changes to orange. The pass is not required for i either taxi, for minivans up to nine seats with driver and for all journeys with your own vehicle. In the event of a change in orange, however, those who do not have a pass – basic or reinforced – will be able to move to another municipality or to another region, only for reasons of work, necessity, health or to access services not available in their own common. To use public and scheduled transport, including local public transport, starting from 6 December it will be necessary to have at least the basic green pass.

New version of Verification C19 released

VerificationC19 version 1.1.8 has been released on the App Store, Play Store and App Gallery, which also allows checking the validity of the “enhanced” green certification (the so-called super green pass). The Ministry of Health has made it known. As foreseen by the new rules, from tomorrow 6 December, to access shows, sporting events, indoor catering, discos, parties and public ceremonies you will have to have the “strengthened” green pass, ie a green pass for vaccination or recovery.

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