the new rules and how the controls will be in Milan

the new rules and how the controls will be in Milan
the new rules and how the controls will be in Milan

From today, Monday 6 December, the super green pass is available. The enhanced green certificate changes some rules for access to indoor premises and on transport. What will the checks be like in Milan?

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The new decree of the Draghi government, in force from 6 December to 15 January, provides for two green passes, one basic and one reinforced. The basic one is the old green pass that is obtained with the vaccine, with the recovery from Covid-19 and with the swab, antigenic or molecular, that has given a negative result. The basic green pass remains valid for workplaces, but some things change for restaurants and transportation. The super green pass is only obtained with the second dose of vaccine or with recovery from the disease. Those who have received the second dose for less than nine months can continue to use their previously obtained green pass. If the third dose is not done at the end of nine months, the previous green pass also expires

How will the transport controls in Milan work?

The mayor of Milan Giuseppe Sala had reiterated in recent days that checks will be carried out randomly on local public transport. In fact, from Monday 6 December on buses, subways and local trains you will only get on if you are in possession of the green pass, whether it is basic or reinforced, so a negative buffer is also enough. The validity of the buffer remains at 72 hours and for the antigenic at 48 hours. For airplanes and high-speed trains, the basic green certificate is enough. The obligation also applies to children over 12 who take the means to go to school: we are thinking of free tampons for students or a significant reduction in their cost for families.

The rules also change for restaurants

From 6 December only those in possession of the reinforced green pass will be able to access the premises indoors. The same goes for discos, cinemas, theaters and stadiums. In the orange area, the bars and restaurants will remain open but only those in possession of the super green pass will be able to access. For museums, on the other hand, the basic green pass is enough, as well as for access to hotels and their spaces, such as swimming pools and gyms. To access fairs, such as that of the Handicraft in Milan, you just need the basic green pass. The Prefect of Milan then added that the nightlife areas will be kept under particular control for the checks.


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