«Stocks still for two weeks» – Corriere.it

«Stocks still for two weeks» – Corriere.it
«Stocks still for two weeks» – Corriere.it
from Fabio Savelli

Every day 80 thousand more administrations than the goals set by Figliuolo. No vax decreases

It is going better than the objectives set by the commissioner. It means that the targets communicated to the regions in these days of December by Francesco Figliuolo’s staff were too prudent. What is happening, sources say, is a change in behavior triggered by a collective psychology that leads to an unexpected – at least in these proportions – rush to third doses given the increase in infections dictated by a transmissibility index above the epidemic threshold. . We are therefore witnessing an average gap of almost 80,000 administrations per day between the government’s ambitions and reality.

A figure carried over by the studies on the descent of the roof vaccination five months after the second dose and a renewed apprehension about the growth of hospitalizations, even if in a minimal part of vaccinated people. Between 1 and 3 December, the goal was 400,000 injections per day. Instead, 454,567 were inoculated on the first of the month, 480,126 on 2 December, 501,136 on 3 December. On Saturday 4 December the bar was set at 350 thousand and instead the car of the regions reached 442,824. Yesterday we had to do 300 thousand, the projections arriving from most of the regions – in the lead Veneto, Lazio and Lombardy – record an overrun despite the holiday.

The effect is brought about by a true boom in booster doses in addition to an important increase in the first doses which signals how many are joining the campaign despite fears and mistrust. Looking at the vaccination curves for decades, there is a phenomenon never recorded even during the first phase of the campaign where, however, supplies were lower and therefore more timed. That is, net of the over 80s where the dose curve is falling also because 55.66% of the audience has already been covered, in all the other bands the curve is taking off upwards. It means that every new day records an increase in doses compared to the previous one in all age groups.

This trend will only be disavowed from yesterday, Sunday, where health personnel in hubs are also reduced and booking slots are smaller. In the 70-79 age range, Saturday 4 December, a record of 72,602 recalls. Between 60 and 69 years old peak of 77.108, between 50 and 59 years new record at 82.209. Between 40 and 49 years, increase to 48,251, between 30 and 39 years of record 27,089 third doses, between 20 and 29 years 20,363 recalls, between 12 and 19 years 13,716.

Inevitably, the availability of vaccines is eroding. There are now 6.6 million doses in refrigerators. A safety buffer that will be disposed of in just two weeks if this pace is maintained. Not bad, the contracts negotiated by Italy make it possible to plan supplies in advance. But the data that the government reads carefully concerns the first doses. There are 7.4 million unvaccinated, but they are decreasing at the rate of 30 thousand per day. And then there are 6 million under 12s to cover. The age group 5-11 has just been cleared by AIFA and will start the inoculations from the second half of December. “In the wards, pediatricians are seeing severe forms of Covid in children and that is the greatest danger, because it is the virus that is experimental, not the vaccine,” says Guido Rasi, former director of EMA and government consultant for the vaccination campaign.

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