Ferrari nightmare, Quagliarella and Gabbiadini absent

Ferrari nightmare, Quagliarella and Gabbiadini absent
Ferrari nightmare, Quagliarella and Gabbiadini absent

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Sampdoria-Lazio report cards: Ferrari a real nightmare in defense, Quagliarella and Gabbiadini sterile and without scoring opportunities

Audero 5 – Taken with a ball in the first half, he also makes a few saves that limit the result to 3-0. In the second half he is practically never called into question as the Sampdoria have a slight sense of pride and try to dominate the field.

Bereszynski 5 – In the general confusion of the defense he tries to put order. The situation, however, is not easy given that the full-back also has to manage a yellow card on his shoulders which severely limits his interventions. A few minutes in the second half for the full-back where he puts a good ball for Gabbiadini’s head, then D’Aversa prefers to remove it to avoid a second yellow card that would have made him miss the derby (56′ Yoshida 6 – He enters when the result is compromised, he makes no mistakes also because the Sampdoria are more aggressive and play more in the biancoceleste half.

Ferrari 4 – We assume that the defense did not understand anything in the first half. The merits go to the attack of Lazio which manages to be dangerous in every area of ​​the pitch, but it is evident that not finding resistance from the Sampdoria defense their work is greatly simplified. On the second goal, for example, it is a sharing of Sampdoria that sends Immobile in the goal. Ferrari falls and stamps his feet with Ekdal, Chabot dodges, Bereszynski loses Immobile and the mess is done. Ferrari for its part never manages to put a brake on Zaccagni who practically does what he wants (45 ′ Dragusin 6 – The giant on loan from Juventus enters and Zaccagni realizes that he will not be able to do exactly what he wants in the second half. Many balls gravitate to his feet and he tries to make himself dangerous even in the offensive phase).

Chabot 5 – The same goes for Ferrari with the mitigating circumstance that the German defender succeeds in some defensive closure. If those few closures made in God’s grace had not succeeded him, the partial of the first half would have been more punitive. In the second half Sampdoria has a slight momentum of pride and tries to play the game, the Biancocelesti’s scoring opportunities are reduced and the defender keeps a good guard.

Augello 5 – The full-back takes a good share of the blame on the occasion of Lazio’s first goal. Milinkovic-Savic realizes that Augello is out of position, much more advanced, and overtakes him in speed without any difficulty. He also has some fault on the third goal. In the second half he has an appreciable reaction, but his performance remains insufficient.

Candreva 5.5 – Nervous. And it can be seen from the interventions on the Lazio players in the first portion of the game. Not very concrete, also due to the lack of game ideas on the part of teammates. The whole team appears staid, not devoid of malice, but at least without the possibility of spinning the ball since the opponents always have the ball. In the second half he plays with the sword of Damocles of the admonition on the head (84 ′ Deer 6 – Excellent assist for Gabbiadini’s goal).

Thorsby 5.5 – Like the rest of the team, the Norwegian midfielder does not understand much when he has to build the game, the first half is a nightmare and at times Lazio play a real bull with the Sampdoria. Better, clearly, in the second half for the first twenty minutes. He has two scoring chances.

Ekdal 5.5 – In the first half of the match the Sampdoria midfielder fails to impose himself also due to an exhausting possession of the ball by the whites. Better in the second portion of the game where he also comes close to scoring at the end of the game with a shot at the edge of the pole.

Glass 5 – First half absent for the winger of Sampdoria. Lazio in midfield shows him the dragons on a defensive level and apart from one occasion, not even striking, it is not concrete even in an offensive sense (45 ′ Adrien Silva 6 – Enter and make a difference especially in quality).

Gabbiadini 5.5 – Gabbiadini’s game is difficult to read. He fails to affect the first half where he does not even have a scoring opportunity. Better in the second part of the match where at least he has two opportunities that are not realized. Pride reaches 89th with a goal that is of little use.

Quagliarella 4.5 – Zero shots on goal. Zero scoring chances. Zero interesting balloons. The captain is no longer old enough to make the elastic, to return to midfield to get the ball and in doing so the ball practically never reaches him (45 ‘Caputo 5 – He comes in, has a chance and then disappears).

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