now inaccessible indoor restaurants, stadiums, cinemas and theaters

now inaccessible indoor restaurants, stadiums, cinemas and theaters
now inaccessible indoor restaurants, stadiums, cinemas and theaters

The forty days of the Super Green pass. The new tool becomes operational from today and will leave out of restaurants, theaters, cinemas, stadiums and sports halls over six million Italians who have refused to be vaccinated. It will be necessary to understand whether such a short period, with more rigorous rules, will be enough to cool the curve of infections, to prevent Italy from facing waves of hospitalizations similar to those of the countries, to convince more people to protect themselves, also in view of the propagation of the variant. Omicron in Europe.

The Super Green pass will be in effect from today to January 15, except for extensions, and yesterday the Government released a series of tables to explain what can and cannot be done according to the colors of each Region. Let’s remember: the traditional Green pass is also obtained with the swab (duration 48 hours), the Super instead is reserved only for those who are vaccinated or who have overcome the infection. Some examples: in the orange band, only those with vaccination or recovery certification will be able to go to the bar, even simply to the counter; the discos will not close, but to enter you will need the Super Green pass; for sports enthusiasts, the stands of stadiums and sports halls will be reserved only for those who have the enhanced green certification. The Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, announced that the update of the “VerificationC19” app has been released, which also controls the enhanced green certification. But let’s see what changes sector by sector, as explained by the tables released by the Government.


The rules are very simple: those with the Super Green pass can always go to the hotel, always to the bars and restaurants. Also in the orange zone. Those who do not have it and therefore are not vaccinated, can only go to the bar at the counter and to the restaurant only outdoors. And only if its Region is white or yellow, never orange. As for hotels, you can only stay with the Green pass, but the one weakened by antigen tests is fine too. For restaurant services within the hotel there is a distinction. If they are reserved only for customers of the accommodation facility, the Green pass from buffer is also fine, if they are also open to those coming from outside, the same rules apply as for all restaurants.


Without the Green pass – simple or reinforced – you cannot use public transport: previously it was valid for airplanes and high-speed trains, now the obligation is extended to the subway, buses, trams and regional trains. There are no differences if the Regions are in a white, yellow or orange band. As for taxis and cars used for rental with driver (NCC) that have no more than 9 passengers, there are no limitations: the customer is not asked for the Green pass, neither strengthened nor simple. We come to travel with your own vehicle. Towards other Municipalities or even beyond the borders of one’s own Region, they are always allowed, with the exception of the orange band, where the Green pass (even simple) is required or, alternatively, it is necessary to demonstrate that one is moving for work, necessity or health. School transport reserved for children under 12 is always allowed.

HERE ARE THE FAQ (in pdf format)


Recreational activities are prohibited for the unvaccinated. In this case there is an application of what in Germany is called the “2G rule”. Where is the reinforced Green pass essential, regardless of the color of the Region? Cinema, theater, concert halls, stadiums (maximum capacity at 75 percent), sports hall (maximum capacity at 60 percent), dance halls and discos, parties not connected to civil and religious ceremonies. Then there is a series of activities in which the simple Green pass is also accepted (the one that is also obtained with the swab) but only if the Region is in yellow (if it is in white, nothing is needed): museums, parties related to civil and religious ceremonies such as weddings and baptisms, indoor wellness centers, spas, theme parks, cultural and recreational centers, game rooms, bingo betting rooms.


In the workplace, both in the public and private sectors (“Except for those for which the vaccination obligation is in force”), the Green pass is always required, but the simple one is sufficient. The same rule also applies to access to canteens. For schools and universities there are different stakes. For teachers, the obligation to vaccinate has been introduced, high school students have no limitations, at least the university needs simple green certification. Those who work in a hospital or nursing home are obliged to get vaccinated even with the third dose, while visitors are always required to have a light Green pass, therefore also with a tampon.


Access to public offices is always allowed, as well as to establishments that guarantee services to the person. There are also no restrictions for shopping in the shops: you don’t need a Green pass, not even in orange. However, the story changes if you enter a shopping center. Green certification is never needed on weekdays, while on holidays and pre-holidays shopping inside is reserved exclusively for vaccinated or recovered people, therefore for those who have a reinforced green certificate.


There is not only spectator sport, but also amateur sport. The cases taken into consideration by the Government are varied: nothing is required for outdoor sports or physical activity, rehabilitation and therapeutic activities even indoors, team sports and sports activities in outdoor clubs. The explanatory table, however, makes a distinction for access to changing rooms, gyms, swimming pools and for contact sports both outdoors and indoors: in the orange band, the reinforced Green pass is mandatory (therefore only for vaccinated persons or for those who have passed the infection), while in white and yellow the simple one is sufficient. In summary: if you go jogging outdoors, you don’t need anything, if you go to the gym or swimming pool, the simple green certification is usually enough, unless the Region is in the orange band.


The regulation for ski resorts provides that to purchase the ski pass for cable cars, gondola lifts and chairlifts (“If used with the closing of the windscreen domes”), for non-exclusive use, you need the simple Green pass in the white and yellow area, strengthened in the orange zone. If, on the other hand, it is a question of different types of ski lifts for exclusive use, then the Green pass is not required, except in orange where the Super pass is mandatory.


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