Alex Belli and Soleil closer to GF Vip, Delia Duran leaves Milan: I need to escape

Alex Belli and Soleil closer to GF Vip, Delia Duran leaves Milan: I need to escape
Alex Belli and Soleil closer to GF Vip, Delia Duran leaves Milan: I need to escape

Big Brother Vip 2021/2022

Alex Belli’s wife announces that she has decided that she will leave the city after the last implications at GF Vip, where her husband has clearly said that he is “also” in love with Soleil Sorge.

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Big Brother Vip 2021/2022

Delia Duran has decided to leave Milan. There wife of Alex Belli has posted on Instagram a simple story to communicate his decision to move away for a while from the city where he lives and awaits Belli, who in the meantime however declared that he “also” fell in love with Soleil Sorge inside the house. This is also fundamental, because Belli at the same time declared that he had not stopped loving his wife and that he was in a condition in which he had never found himself before.

Situation that Delia Duran, from the outside, evidently no longer holds: “They have been complex days, I thank you for the affection you have shown me but now you have to excuse me, I need to escape, take some time for myself away from social networks, away from gossip and away from home … Hasta luego Milano!” . This the telegraphic message published by Duran on Instagram, which followed the words spoken by Belli to explain his sentimental situation in the episode of the GF Vip on Friday 3 December:

“A few times have I felt this way. I’ve always been in control. The moment I felt this in my heart, it was the last thing I thought I could feel. I don’t want to fight it, I want to discern. We are inside a bubble that accelerates everything. I would like to keep Soleil with this freedom to love ourselves. If there is one thing we should not be ashamed of, it is to love, there is so much hatred. Delia knows very well how much we love each other. Who defined the fact that one can’t love, even though you also love another situation? “.

Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge, yet another twist

In the episode there was a lot of talk about the latest developments in relationship between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge. In recent days, the actor has admitted that he is in love with the gieffina. Alfonso Signorini, at the beginning of the episode, made it clear that all the knots would come to a head. Here’s what happened live.

The kiss during the Turandot was real

First of all, Soleil Sorge admitted: “The kiss during the Turandot was real”, so it was not a scenic kiss as Alex Belli had declared in the episode. Then he added: “I went into crisis because Alex went into protection and this created doubts in me.” Belli explained: “After Turandot, something was maturing that entered the heart.” Soleil then asked him why he has a tendency to throw the stone and hide his hand and the actor replied:

“I went into trouble because something entered my heart. From the goliardic world of friendship, there was a snap. A hemisphere that none of us can manage. The magical world of emotions, feelings, something you can’t understand. “

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