Vaccine, there is a fight over the fourth dose. Split and quarrel between favorable and skeptical virologists – Il Tempo

Vaccine, there is a fight over the fourth dose. Split and quarrel between favorable and skeptical virologists – Il Tempo
Vaccine, there is a fight over the fourth dose. Split and quarrel between favorable and skeptical virologists – Il Tempo

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05 December 2021

It is now a constant since the beginning of the pandemic nightmare. With each evolution of the health news around the cursed Chinese disease, the script of the uproar of the scientific world changes. But not the sense of things, which is that of a seething of voices and utterances with the danger of further disorienting the now more and more exhausted-average citizen. Thus, the chapter of the fourth dose opens. Because while the Italians in these days return to the hubs for the third puncture (a large number of converts on the road to Damascus also for the first) the confrontation continues at work. Franco Locatelli, CTS coordinator, spoke of the “concrete possibility” of a fourth injection, speaking at the SkyTg24 convention in Courmayeur. Engaging in a debate where the favorable, the perplexed, the neither nor’s are already taking sides.

The first segment certainly includes Fabrizio Pregliasco, a professor at the State University of Milan, who observes at the AdnKronos: «Given the high protection times of 6 months, it is possible that we will have to carry out other vaccinations. We will see how the epidemiological trend is, but I think that this vaccination can be considered an annual appointment like the flu shot ». And always among those in favor is Matteo Bassetti, director of the Infectious Diseases Clinic at San Martino in Genoa. According to him, «it is clear that in 2022 we will do a fourth dose. We just need to understand when, I don’t think it will be done in the first months of the new year for those who have done and are doing the third dose “, then specifying that” we will have to wait for the results of the studies, see how long the immunity of the complete cycle lasts with three doses and then evaluate when there will be a need for the fourth ». Furthermore, as for the impact on society of a further injection “it shouldn’t be a problem,” says Bassetti. “If doing the fourth dose means having the current numbers of Covid 19 and continuing to live with the virus by weakening it, I don’t think Italian citizens will have problems if they are told to get vaccinated for the fourth time in 2022”. Same side also for the infectious disease specialist Massimo Galli. Will the fourth dose be needed ?, they asked him in an interview with La Stampa. “In the end I think so. I fear that the third dose will not be the definitive answer to the pandemic, however useful it may be ».

Then there are those who have strong doubts. This is the case of the immunologist Mario Minelli. «It is in the most critical moments that the value of those who decide and the effectiveness of decisions are assessed and measured, which cannot change once a month. Otherwise, they become kabbalistic options rather than decisions such as: let’s try and see how it goes; then if it doesn’t work, let’s change ». And then there are those who, at the moment, express extreme caution, such as the president of Italian virologists, Arnaldo Caruso. He calls the third dose “crucial to making us safe”. As for the hypothesis of a fourth specification: «It is to be seen. Today we cannot foresee it ». A few days ago, in an interview with La Stampa, the immunologist Alberto Mantovani, scientific director of Humanitas, was cautious and possible on the fourth dose. “The third dose could provide good protection for Omicron and better prepare for an eventual updated fourth dose,” he said. In short, a fruit salad of different positions, the result of that difficulty in establishing rules of conduct in public statements that the scientific community has unfortunately demonstrated throughout the emergency.

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