“Cases among children are growing in the wards”

“Cases among children are growing in the wards”
“Cases among children are growing in the wards”

Covid vaccine for children between 5-11 years old, the immunization campaign will start shortly. ” We expect a cautious start, because even here those who could keep quiet did not do it, those who spoke without having the data yet did not ” said the adviser of the extraordinary commissioner Figliuolo, Guido Rasi, in Mezz ‘hour more’ on ‘Rai3’. ” The Italian society of pediatrics has expressed itself unequivocally, are seeing forms of severe covid in children grow in wards, covid in children can last a long time like the long covid in adults and that is the biggest danger because the virus is experimental, not the vaccine ”.

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” The 4 million children vaccinated in America, which are more than the entire pediatric population that we have to vaccinate in Italy, have not had any important signal. far fewer side effects than in the 12-18 range” he adds.

As for the vaccination campaign in Italy, he concludes, ” I expected worse numbers, at the beginning of the campaign there was a 33% who were determined to get the vaccine, now we are at 15-12%. All in all there has been a gain from those who say the vaccine is experimental I do the same ”.


Cases among children growing wards

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