Paolo Bonolis how many women has he had: from ex to wife

Paolo Bonolis how many women has he had: from ex to wife
Paolo Bonolis how many women has he had: from ex to wife

Paolo Bonolis is married to Sonia Bruganelli. Confidential, his private life is little known. Let’s find out who the ex-wife is and how many women he has had

At 60, Paolo Bonolis boasts a long career full of TV successes. Confidential about his private life are few details we know about his past. He currently lives in Rome with his family, the 3 children he had with his wife Sonia Bruganelli. They have been married for 20 years and they met on the set of the TV program “Tira e Molla”. Paolo Bonolis had several women before Bruganelli, not just the famous Laura Freddi.

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Who is the ex-wife of Paolo Bonolis

The ex wife of di Paolo Bonolis with whom he married very young is Diane Zoeller, she works as a psychologist. They met thanks to mutual friends and got married in 1983. With his first wife, the conductor had two children Stefano and Martina. They live and work in the United States not in show business. He separated with his ex-wife in 1988 after 5 years of marriage. They broke up because of those misunderstandings that arise when you get married too soon. Both with their two American children and with Diane, after a period of estrangement, they are currently on good terms.

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Paolo Bonolis, the famous ex

There are no famous exes of Paolo Bonolis. Among the women he has had the only one with whom he has had a long engagement is Laura Freddi. They met on the program “Non è la Rai” in 1990. They were together for 5 years, also living together, they broke up because they wanted different things from life. They are linked by a beautiful friendship. Laura Freddi’s current partner is Leonardo D’Amico with whom she has a daughter Ginevra.

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Paolo Bonolis women wife

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