Lemon at the VIP Gf between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge / Video, hot kiss irritates Delia

Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge continue to act like sweethearts al Big Brother VIP 2021, despite the fuss and controversy that have involved them in recent weeks. The authors of the GF VIP put them to the test, creating the right atmospheres, and they responded by approaching dangerously. And in fact, the images of their hot night under the covers have not gone unnoticed. Images that have irritated a lot Alex Belli’s wife, Delia Duran, who would even have abandoned the marital roof.

The situation is to be monitored, twists and turns in tomorrow night’s episode are not excluded. The actor believes his better half has finally figured out how to behave and interprets his silence positively. Delia will not be of the same opinion, who is going through a very difficult moment from a sentimental point of view.

Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge, kisses under the covers: the hot video angers Delia

The hot video of Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge went around the web, creating a stir and sparking GF VIP viewers. Their close encounter under the covers leaves no room for many interpretations, with the noises of their kisses being quite exhaustive. Some think that something else has also happened, in any case what emerges in the video is enough for many to define it as a real ‘betrayal’, as long as it is not a play staged by Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge. A hypothesis that in the last episode had already supported the columnist Adriana Volpe, who had portrayed Alex as an actor on and off the set.



Lemon VIP Alex Belli Soleil Sorge Video hot kiss irritates Delia

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