Microsoft could have kept Bungie with the current structure of the Xbox, for Spencer –

Microsoft could have kept Bungie with the current structure of the Xbox, for Spencer –
Microsoft could have kept Bungie with the current structure of the Xbox, for Spencer –

Phil Spencer, capo di Xboxrecently reported in an interview with Axios that the Microsoft of now, with its new organization in gaming terms, it probably would kept Bungie internally, avoiding the separation that took place years ago.

Bungie was acquired by Microsoft in 2000, shortly before the release of Halo: Combat Evolved, but then broke away and became independent again in 2007, founding Bungie LLC and leading, with this separation, to the creation of 343 Industries by various members of the original team.

Halo: Combat Evolved, pictured, prompted Microsoft to acquire Bungie

According to Spencer, this separation could have been avoided with a different set-up of the Xbox, such as the one currently inside Microsoft.

Obviously this is entirely hypothetical reasoning, but Spencer was also present at the time within the Xbox and is able to evaluate the organizational differences between the division of the time and that of now. “At the time they had big ambitions, they had sold their business for a certain amount of money, they had seen what Halo had become and they realized that Microsoft had received more benefits than Bungie itself from that success,” explained Spencer.

The Xbox boss realized that at the time they wanted to propose something new and already had a big project planned and wanted to exploit it even better: “I understand the attraction of launching a big company project. independent“said Spencer, who realizes how understandable Bungie’s deal with Destiny was from the point of view of a very ambitious and capable team.

As for the separationWhen asked whether the current Microsoft could have avoided it, he replied: “If we could have avoided it in today’s setup? Yes, I think we could have.” Probably, with this statement Spencer argues that the greater freedom granted to the development teams of Xbox Game Studios would have allowed Bungie to be able to develop its own new project by going beyond the limits imposed by Halo, even if it is still guesswork.

Last summer, Bungie turned 30 and celebrated the anniversary with a cool celebratory video, while 343 Industries appears to have at least one other Halo game in development, according to Jez Corden.

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