Cardarelli filled with no vax. Boom of healed

In osepdale 15 patients, of which 13 without vaccine. Only one case and 53 recovered

One more hospitalization and once again it is an unvaccinated person. Thus the number of hospitalized people rose to 15, 13 of which no vax. On the contagion front, like every weekend, there are few cases, the result of the few swabs processed. But today, fortunately, there is a new boom in healed with 53 people who have overcome the disease.

From today’s Asrem bulletin, Sunday 5 December, there are no deaths. Unfortunately, the total deaths from Covid in Molise are 505.

Situation at Cardarelli

There are no transfers, but there is a new hospitalization: an unvaccinated citizen of Guglionesi got worse and needed hospitalization.

There are no discharged and therefore the total number of hospitalized patients rose to 15, of which 14 in Infectious Diseases and 1 in Intensive Care.

Vaccination situation currently hospitalized

Of the 15 hospitalized, 13 are not vaccinated and 2 have two doses.

The new cases

Today there is only one case (from Montorio nei Frenani) out of 121 processed swabs, for a percentage of positives on swabs that falls to 0.8%.

There are 53 healed of the day and therefore the number of currently positives drops to 340, while the totals from the start of the emergency are 15.313.

The total healed are 14.454, deaths 505. In isolation they are found 2.452 citizens.


Cardarelli filled vax Boom healed

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