The fixation on changing names so as not to change anything

The fixation on changing names so as not to change anything
The fixation on changing names so as not to change anything

The Councilor for civic services Gaia Romani gave an important sign to his action. He changed the license plate of his office: he replaced the word Councilor with the word Councilor!

Wow what an innovation! Gaia Romani explained that the change starts from small things and was very keen on the change of name. Heartfelt congratulations have come from Boldrini and other theorists of the lexical revolution.

Will this be equal opportunity? Perhaps there would be more concrete priorities to help women assert their opportunities. For example, guaranteeing nursery and nursery schools for all families. Or to guarantee all Milanese women to be able to ride quietly on public transport at all hours. Or free many Milanese girls from the conditioning that Muslim fathers and brothers impose on them.

Nor are there no problems in the sector to which the Assessor was delegated by Sala, the Civic Services, that is, Registry Office and Cemeteries. In Milan it takes months to redo the identity card and years for trivial transcriptions of separation documents.

But so be it. The image of Chiara, proud of the political gesture made, well represents the condition in which Milan finds itself. A Mayor, inebriated by the plebiscite received from those few who voted, who deals with urban planning and economic fat. Then there is the left that has worked disciplinedly to collect the votes, to which Sala leaves the task of playing in the fence of the politically correct and the great battles of principle. Problems to be solved have not been received.

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