Serie A, Bologna-Fiorentina 2-3: Viola flies to fifth place | News

Serie A, Bologna-Fiorentina 2-3: Viola flies to fifth place | News
Serie A, Bologna-Fiorentina 2-3: Viola flies to fifth place | News

At Dall’Ara Maleh, Biraghi and Vlahovic sign the trio. Barrow and Hickey scored for the rossoblùs

Big shot of the Fiorentina in fight for a place in Europe. In the lunch match of the 16th day of Serie A the team of Italian beats Bologna 3-2 e rises to fifth place. At Dall’Ara in the first half Barrow (42 ‘) replies to Maleh (33 ‘), then in the second half the Viola goes 3-1 with a penalty of Biraghi (52 ‘) and a penalty of Vlahovic (67 ‘) and in the final resist the rossoblù forcing after the goal of Hickey (83′).

Fiorentina is back great and is aiming for Europe. At the Dall’Ara a solid test of the Italian men is staged, embellished by the plays of Nico Gonzalez and a masterful free-kick by Biraghi. Hits that together with an orderly and aggressive game have sank the Bologna, at times too renouncing in the construction phase and not very incisive in front. Without Arnautovic, Mihajlovic relies on Barrow at the center of the attack with Samson and Soriano in support. Next to Vlahovic, Italian instead of piazza Sottil and Nico Gonzalez. In a big match atmosphere, at Dall’Ara the start is of study and with compact teams the game remains blocked in the median. Sottil tries to blow the bank on the left, but the rossoblù defense is careful and the match does not take off. Higher, Fiorentina take possession, but with the spaces closed it is hard for Vlahovic to verticalize. So it’s up to Nico Gonzalez to try from the edge, but the aim is wrong. Under pressure, the Viola attacks, immediately wins the ball and maneuvers in amplitude to create superiority on the outside, but Bologna defends itself with many men and sets the match on restarts.

Tactical theme that leaves little room for the show but keeps the pace high. On the one hand, Sansone tries to hit from the heel and Barrow ends a good counterattack by De Silvestri on the side. On the other hand, the Viola passes at the first good opportunity. Caught with the tachometer by Nico Gonzalez, Maleh escapes Soriano’s marking and unlocks the leading race. Gored that unlocks the match and lights up the race. With more space available, Fiorentina lowers the laps and focuses on possession, but the ball is too slow and Sinisa’s gang gains meters. Attitude that leads to a draw. To put everything back in balance Barrow thinks with a great left foot on the perfect assist from Svanberg. A goal that puts the rossoblù back on track and pushes Mihajlovic’s men to close the first half forward.

The second half opens with Nico Gonzalez pushing and with a great free-kick from Biraghi who slips into the corner of the posts. Brush stroke that brings the Viola forward and gives confidence to the Italian team. In control, Fiorentina defends themselves well and continues to maneuver with order, looking for the insertions from behind and the reasoned maneuver. Torreira pits for Odriozola, but Skorupski comes out well. Then Sinisa removes De Silvestri, Dijks and Sansone and throws Skov Olsen, Orsolini and Hickey into the fray. Changes that give more dynamism and leg to the rossoblù, but that do not change the inertia of the match. On the development of a restart, Skorupski knocks out Gonzalez in the area and Vlahovic does not tremble from the spot. Tris that marks the game, but does not close the game. In the final, in fact, Bologna attacks with their heads down and shortens the distance with Hickey. Goal that lights up the last ten minutes and forces Fiorentina to repel the Rossoblù assault, relying on possession and letting Terzic, Amrabat and Saponara in to protect the result. Fiorentina takes the Appenino derby, bypasses Rome and is a candidate for a place in Europe.

Barrow 6,5:
does a different job from Arnautovic and Bologna are unable to lean on the tip to maneuver and let the team breathe. He deceives Bologna by signing a great goal on the fly
Dijks 5: Mihajlovic places him on the pitch to lend a hand to Theate, but he is not always lucid in his choices during the coverage phase. On Maleh’s goal, he gives Nico Gonnzalez too much space and time to think
Skorupski 5: on the first two goals he can do little, on the penalty that marks the game instead he stretches out Gonzalez with ingenuity
Gonzalez 7,5: pushes to the right often attacking the space and carrying the ball. In the first half he brushes the cross for Maleh, in the second half he has more space and in the open field he is always dangerous. He gets the punishment of 2-1 and the penalty of 3-1
Vlahovic 6: Theate and Medel are on top of him and with little space available he can’t aim the door. Fights and makes a door, then signs the 3-1 coldly from the spot
Maleh 6,5: starts off surprisingly and forces De Silvestri and Soumaoro to overtime. On the action of the advantage is found in the right place at the right time and does not make mistakes. First goal in Serie A

Bologna (3-4-2-1):
Skorupski 5; Soumaoro 5.5, Medel 6.5 (27 ‘st Bonifazi 6), Theate 5.5; De Silvestri 6 (16 ‘st Skov Olsen 6), Svanberg 6,5, Dominguez 6 (34’ st Vignato sv), Dijks 5 (16 ‘st Orsolini 6); Sansone 5.5 (16 ‘st Hickey 6), Soriano 5.5; Barrow 6.5.
Available: Spring, Bardi, Binks, Orsolini, Viola, Santander, Van Hooijdonk, Cangiano. All.: Mihajlovic 5,5
Fiorentina (4-3-3): Terracciano 6; Odriozola 6, Milenkovic 6, Martinez Quarta 6, Biraghi 7 (40 ‘st Terzic sv); Bonaventura 6.5, Torreira 6.5 (40 ‘st Amrabat sv), Maleh 6.5 (33’ st Duncan 6); Gonzalez 7.5 (33 ‘st Callejon 6), Vlahovic 6, Sottil 5.5 (40’ st Saponara sv).
Available: Rosati, Cerofolini, Pulgar, Venuti, Benassi, Kokorin, Igor. All.: Italiano 6,5
Referee: Radio
Markers: 33′ Maleh (F), 42′ Barrow (B), 7′ Biraghi (F), 22′ st rig. Vlahovic (F), 38′ st Hickey (B)
Ammonites: Dominguez, Theate, Soumaoro (B); Torreira, Milenkovic, Amrabat (F)

– For the first time in this league, Fiorentina have scored at least three away goals in a Serie A match.
– It was from 2015/16 (32 in that case) that Fiorentina had not collected at least 27 points in the first 16 Serie A matches.
– Dusan Vlahovic has become only the fourth player in Serie A history to score at least 30 goals in a single calendar year under the age of 22 after Meazza in 1930, Borel in 1933 and Angelillo in 1958.
– Before Vlahovic only 3 Fiorentina players in the era of three points to win (since 94/95) were able to score at least 13 goals in the first 16 Serie A games: Giuseppe Rossi, Luca Toni and Gabriel Omar Batistuta.
– Since 2004/05 (since Opta collects this data), only Suazo (14/14), Lukaku (12/12) and Vlahovic (12/12) have converted 100% of penalties taken among those who have kicked at least 12 in Serie A in the period.
– Hickey is the youngest defender with at least three goals scored in the top five European leagues 21/22.
– Only two midfielders born after 1/1/1999 already boast at least 9 goals and at least 9 assists in Serie A in their careers and both are Swedish: Dejan Kulusevski and Mattias Svanberg.
– Mattias Svanberg is one of the three midfielders born on 1/1/1999 to have participated in at least 5 goals in this Serie A (Brahim Diaz and Pobega the other two).
– Mattias Svanberg has actively participated in four goals in his last five Serie A appearances (two goals, two assists).
– Barrow has scored 5 goals in this Serie A: in the whole first round 20/21 he had scored three.
– Only Vlahovic (14) is younger than Musa Barrow among those who have participated in at least 8 goals in this Serie A: five goals and three assists for the Gambian.
– Of the eight goals scored in Serie A by Cristiano Biraghi, four (50%) came from a standstill (two penalties and two direct free-kicks).
– Only Milan (3) scored more goals from a direct free-kick in Serie A than Fiorentina (2): together with the Rossoneri (Ibra and Tonali), Viola is one of the two teams to boast 2 different free-kick scorers in this championship ( Vlahovic and Biraghi).
– Nico González has participated in three goals (one goal, two assists) in his last four Serie A appearances.
– First goal in Serie A for Youssef Maleh, in his 11th appearance: 11th different scorer for Fiorentina, at this point in the 20/21 tournament he had scored 10 different ones.
– Only Spezia (7) have received more penalties against Bologna (6) in this league.

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