WhatsApp, here’s how to read deleted messages: the trick

For some time now, to the immense joy of the impulsive and insecure, it has existed on WhatsApp the ability to delete messages, images and voice notes already sent / and if the recipient has not yet read, seen or listened to them. But – actually – it also seems to exist a way for recipients to also read what we have trashed

WhatsApp, even the trashed messages can be recovered by the recipient. Shocking news!

Users are starting to tremble, especially those who shouted for joy when they cost that yes, indeed, it was true that messages and various multimedia contents sent to other people on WhastApp, without them being able to read or see them, obviously only if they had not been able to do so before.

However, it must also be said that when you deleted something, the recipient would see such a message“This message has been deleted” and that therefore he could also become suspicious of this choice of ours. But now it appears that deleted messages can be recovered and therefore also read by the recipient. Like? Let’s find out together …

The Android apps that allow us to do this

In practice, there are various applications that would allow you to do this. The first that we point out is WhatsRemoved, available for Android, which asks for permission for read and save WhatsApp notifications on your smartphone e records every single message received. The user then can freely choose to keep all messages, including multimedia files such as photos, audios and videos, or just text messages or even just deleted messages.

WhatsRemoved however, it is good to underline it clearly, it absolutely does not work if the conversations are silent (without internet connection), if battery saving is activated and if the sender immediately deletes the sent message.

The second app that we point out is NotificationHistory and it too is available only and exclusively for Android. It has the great, very great advantage of have no limitations, working always and in every mode of the mobile phones involved. In practice, this application creates a link to the notification center of the system where it will be enough to search for the item “WhatsApp” and at this point, as if by magic, the deleted message will be revealed in the line «android.text»

The third application that we highly recommend, always and only for Android, is Nova Launcher which is really very, very useful for directly accessing the notification history. How you do it? Well, just go on Activities, then Settings and select “Notification log” to create the shortcut on the home screen. In this way it will be possible enter notification history e then look for the much desired deleted WhatsApp messages by a user. But beware: it will be possible to do so only for those who already are been seen or those that have been discarded by mistake. And as if that weren’t enough, they can display only the first hundred characters of the message deleted, so if it is a very long message it cannot be read in its entirety.

And here’s how to do it if you own an iphone

If you own an iphone there are other applications that can help us in this direction. An example?

Dr Phone which is a data recovery software that obviates this problem. How does it work? You have to install the program, connect the device to the PC and give the required permissions.

A window will open in which to select “WhatsApp messages and attachments” to start scanning the files to be recovered (in the case of messages, photos, videos or the much hated voice messages) and click on “Restore” and then on “Restore device” to see magically reappear deleted messages on your mobile.

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