Live Spezia – Sassuolo: 2-0 Serie A 2021/2022. Live the match

Where the game is played:

Stadium: Alberto Picco
City: La Spezia
Capacity: 10336 spectators13:07

Welcome to the live stream of Spezia-Sassuolo, valid for the 16th round of Serie A. 13:07

The match of the ” Peak ” confronts two teams fighting for different goals: the hosts have 11 points, one more than the relegation zone, the guests try to approach the Europe area, with 19 points to their credit. 13:09

The challenge will be directed by Mr. Fabio Maresca from Naples. At the Var Banti in Livorno. 13:11

The Ligurians have returned from three consecutive defeats (the last Wednesday at Inter Milan) while the Emilians drew against Napoli after having inflicted the knockout against Milan. 13:15

LINE-UP SPEZIA (4-4-2): Provedel – Amian, Erlic, Nikolaou, Reca – Gyasi, Kovalenko, Sala, Maggiore – Nzola, Manaj. Available: Zoet, Kovko, Bourabia, Verde, Kiwior, Hristov, Colley, Bastoni, Ferrer, Strelec. 15:16

SASSUOLO FORMATION (4-3-3): Tips – Muldur, Ayhan, Ferrari, Kyriakopoulos – Frattesi, Lopez, Henrique – Berardi, Scamacca, Defrel. Available: Pegolo, Satalino, Magnanelli, Rogerio, Boga, Peluso, Raspadori, Harroui, Chiriches, Toljan, Traore. 14:42

Thiago Motta has everyone at his disposal, with the exception of Leo Sena; in attack Manaj plays with Nzola, Reca confirmed on the left. Dionisi focuses on the Berardi-Scamacca-Defrel trident with Raspadori on the bench; in the median is Henrique. 15:16

The heating phases are over. The race will start in a few minutes. 14:47

Teams in the field under the orders of Maresca: hosts in white shirts, guests in blue suits. 15:01


START SPICE-SASSUOLO! First ball played by Scamacca. 15:03


WARNING RECA: foul against Frattesi on the short side of the penalty area. 15:04


Var Check: the contact between Frattesi and Reca took place just outside the penalty area. 15:05


CROSS OF SASSUOLO! Direct shot by Berardi on goal: left low shot that Provedel deflects with the help of the crossbar! 15:06


MAJOR DISCLAIMER: Late entry on Ayhan. 15:07


Phrasing of the guests, hosts waiting. 15:09


Sparks between Manaj and Frattesi, the referee calls the contenders. 15:10


Restart of Spezia, launch for Nzola, Ferrari anticipates him in lateral foul. 15:11


OPPORTUNITY FOR SASSUOLO! Scamacca opens for Defrel, assist for Berardi, whose left-handed ends high. 15:14


Gyasi tries to serve Nzola, difficult control for the Juventus striker. 15:15


Kyriakopoulos wins a free-kick at the baseline on Amian’s foul attack. 15:17


Henrique kicks directly into the goal, Provedel drives away with gloves. 15:18


GOAL CANCELED AT THE SPICE! Nzola serves Kovalenko a ball to push into the net but the Spezia striker has started in an offside position. 15:20


Advice exited outside the penalty area to anticipate Nzola. 15:21


Scamacca and Berardi do not understand each other and the home defense can restart. 15:23


Reca sgroppata on the left, ball in the center of the area that crosses the entire face of goal without finding any deviation. 15:24


Nikolaou tries to fish Manaj in depth, a sphere that Consiglio makes his outgoing. 15:26


Half of the first portion of the game, partial unchanged at 0 to 0. 15:27


NZOLA, CLAIM IN CORNER! Manaj throws Nzola into the net, a conclusion deflected by Ayhan. 15:28


WARNING ROOM: withheld conspicuously against Berardi. 15:28


Berardi beats towards the goal, Provedel does not risk and smanaccia in a corner kick. 15:30


Cut by Frattesi, Berardi tries to serve him but the ball is picked up by the far defender from La Spezia. 15:32


CROSS OF SASSUOLO! Muldur serves Scamacca on the edge, the attacker hits the tip and the ball crashes on the crossbar! 15:34


Foul in Manaj’s attack on Ferrari. 15:35


GOAL! SPEZIA 1-0 Sassuolo! Manaj network. The hosts have the advantage: Reca’s cross from the left, Manaj’s winning right-hand plate.

Look at the player’s profile Rey Manaj15:38


STATISTICAL PILL: this is Rey Manaj’s third goal scored in Serie A. The Spezia forward hadn’t scored in the top flight since September 2016 (with the Pescara vs Genoa shirt).15:42


Unleashed Brings to the left-handed lane, a low-shot cross that Gyasi does not find in the area. 15:39


Conclusion from the distance that does not frame the mirror of Provedel’s goal. 15:40


MANAJ STILL DANGEROUS! Dry and right dribbling that commits Tips. 15:42


Defrel’s mid-range left, wide shot on the bottom. 15:43


Kyriakopoulos cross too high, directly in lateral foul. 15:45


WARNINGS FRATTESI: do it in retreat on Maggiore. 15:47


Two minutes of recovery. 15:48


Manaj takes the free kick: right over the high barrier. 15:48


END OF FIRST TIME! SPICE-SASSUOLO 1-0! Manaj goal in the 35th minute. 15:50

At the interval, Spezia leads thanks to Manaj’s goal, on an assist from Reca. Sassuolo hit the crossbar twice, with Berardi and Scamacca. 15:51

Teams in the locker room: Thiago Motta and Dionisi study the moves ahead of the second half. 15:52


THE SECOND HALF OF SPEZIA-SASSUOLO BEGINS! It starts from the result of 1-0. 16:08


FIRST CHANGE IN THE SASSUOLO: Raspadori enters, Henrique exits. 16:09


SECOND CHANGE IN THE SASSUOLO: Toljan enters, Muldur exits. 16:10


GOAL! SPEZIA-Sassuolo 2-0! Gyasi network. Doubling of the hosts: Nzola resists Ayhan, wins a rebound with Frattesi and serves in the center for Gyasi, who anticipates Kyriakopoulos and bags.

See the player’s profile Emmanuel Gyasi16:16


Raspadori’s cross is intercepted by Kovalenko. 16:14


On the developments, Ferrari goes overhead, a weak ball towards Provedel. 16:14


Manaj enters the area, powerful right footed by the black-green defense, blocks Consigli. 16:15

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