“Italy or Australia? Totti told him to think only of Rome”

Yesterday Volpato he made his debut in A league in the match againstInter, today will be with the Spring by Alberto De Rossi. The father, Oscar, made some statements to the ftbl.com.au site, talking not only about his debut in the top flight, but also about the choice of the national team in which to play: the class 2003 can opt for eitherItaly (already called up by the Under 19 team, who for theAustralia: “Mourinho didn’t tell him what to do, he advised him to follow what his heart tells him. It made him think that if he decides to play for Australia at every call-up he should go to the other side of the world. Cristian is anyway ready for whatever will happen. Of course, now he lives and plays in Italy and this is a factor of course, but now he is focused on preparing to play Serie A. He trains every day in the First Team with Roma, last week he was the only one of the Primavera. He is always with them. “Volpato’s father later said that too Totti, who assists him with CT10 Management, spoke to him about the subject: “He advised him not to think about the national team but to focus only on Rome“, the word.


Italy Australia Totti told Rome

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