four criteria for a greener city

four criteria for a greener city
four criteria for a greener city

Four criteria have been approved by the city council for plastic-free and sustainable events, with the fight against food waste and the use of energy from renewable sources.

Milan says goodbye to single-use plastic in its events, with the use of totally recyclable materials for the fittings, passing through the use of electricity from renewable sources. This is the starting point for some criteria approved by the Sala council for the development of increasingly green events with guidelines specifically designed to reduce their impact on the planet.

Four criteria to be respected for events in the city

The provision underlines four criteria that must be respected for the realization of events in the city such as: the use of recyclable materials for the set-ups, respect for separate collection and the limitation of single-use plastics, attention to the fight against food waste and the use of the use of electricity deriving from renewable sources. “The tendency to organize eco-compatible events is getting stronger – declares the councilor for the Environment and Green, Elena Grandi – These guidelines are in continuity with actions already implemented in recent years, such as the elimination of disposable plastics and the recovery of food waste, in the belief that a correct synergy between public and private administration is essential for achieving a zero waste and zero waste city “. The launch of the experimentation will concern in particular all the events organized by the Municipality of Milan and the events scheduled at the Fabbrica del Vapore and in the offices of the administration’s competence starting from 2022. For events organized by Third Sector entities and hosted also in the municipal structures, the four criteria will be adopted on a voluntary basis and included in the guidelines to be sent to the organizers. The same applies to events organized by third parties for which the four criteria will be on a voluntary basis with an awareness-raising action by the Municipality for the implementation of events that are as sustainable as possible.


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