Renzo Cristiani, who was the volunteer who died in an accident to provide aid

Renzo Cristiani, who was the volunteer who died in an accident to provide aid
Renzo Cristiani, who was the volunteer who died in an accident to provide aid

Bologna, December 5, 2021 – It was then man of imposing stature, ma always smiling printed on the lips. He really was a good giant Renzo Cristiani, he 78enne died on the A14 while preparing to help a car involved in an accident. Cristiani, residing in Bologna andn pension for some years, he was a volunteer of the Avpl, a non-profit organization based in via Gramsci in Castel Maggiore, which deals with public safety, assistance to major events and road safety.
The news shocked all those who knew him and worked with him. Yesterday, in the early afternoon, shortly after 1pm the volunteers and the staff of Avpl wanted to remember him with a moment of meditation in front of the headquarters of the non-profit organization. The councilor for volunteering, Barbara Giannerini, was also present for the Municipality.

Christians leave the family, the children and the elderly mother. To remember it, with a sometimes melancholy voice, is the president of the association Andrea Tolomelli: “I’m speechless, but knowing Renzo I know that he died doing what he lived for . He took to the street, he did not hold back, to help those in difficulty, Fr.realizing that he could do some good. He did what he would have done anywhere, had he been on duty as an Avpl volunteer. Cristiani came to us in 2015. He has always been one of the most active volunteers. He never pulled back – he adds – for any activity he had to carry out. He took the car and drove from Bologna wherever he was needed “.
The Avpl, in fact, is a non-profit organization that works up to Galliera, therefore it covers a large metropolitan area, but also gives support to external events: just this year the group of volunteers made safety at the ‘Iron Man’ event in Cervia.

Volunteer and do security services it’s not always a walk in the park and often it is not even that adrenaline or fun – continues Tolomelli -. When there was to be in turn with Renzo was always a blast, it cannot be denied. In addition to being cordial and jovial with everyone, ready to intervene, as if ready to give a simple road indication, the hours flew by with him. He was an interesting person and always interested in learning or discovering new things. The volunteer with a capital ‘V’, which you know you can always count on. This was his cause. He had chosen to devote all of his retirement time to helping others and the community. He had taken the compulsory course to assist the brigade in some public safety tasks and had obtained the certificate and the shovel. I feel that, on Friday night, he took to the street with his shovel to help because he knew it would be useful. I know he didn’t think about it for two seconds, but unfortunately fate had other plans. “

Tolomelli then concludes with a thought addressed to the relatives of Christians and a future objective: “We cling to his flove who is now closed in pain. We have already spoken with the Municipality, which has given us maximum availability: let this period of pain pass, then we will evaluate with what initiative or project we can remember it best. Renzo really deserved it. It leaves an unbridgeable void in all of us: in those who worked with him, in those who met him at village events even for a few minutes and in all those to whom, in recent years, he has smiled “.

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