“My daughter is more than a love”

“My daughter is more than a love”
“My daughter is more than a love”

«I have been with Letizia, my partner for 15 years, we have always wanted a daughter but she did not arrive like this after a long time with assisted fertilization and complications, we did it. But then she had internal bleeding and was about to lose her life. ‘ Thus begins the story that anticipates the performance of Federico Fashion Style at Dancing with the Stars.

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A love for the daughter Sophie Maelle that goes beyond all words. Between tears Lauri tries to explain it: «When my daughter was born I felt a surreal emotion. I remember feeling on another planet. For me Sophie is more than a love, my blood, my air. That’s all. I could also be without being anything, without work, without money, without sequins, I would just like to have his happiness and his good “.

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Dancing, Federico’s emotion

And the hairstylist continues with his statement: «When I look at it it gives me joy. It fills my heart and my days, my eyes are filled with love for her. For me she is love », the hairdresser of the stars leaves everyone with eyes full of tears. Then the performance gives the final blow to the judges. In your own way by Elisa, this is the piece chosen by Federico. A performance done well but made perfect by the value it had assumed at this time. And then comes the surprise phone call from the little girl who definitely lands the competitor.

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