Drugs in Westminster, traces of cocaine found in 11 deputies’ bathrooms: “law-sting” is coming – Corriere.it

Drugs in Westminster, traces of cocaine found in 11 deputies’ bathrooms: “law-sting” is coming – Corriere.it
Drugs in Westminster, traces of cocaine found in 11 deputies’ bathrooms: “law-sting” is coming – Corriere.it
from Luigi Ippolito

The «secret of Pulcinella» in the «Times»: «In Parliament there is a culture of cocaine, there are those who have hired their pusher as a bag carrier». It is thought to introduce anti-drug dogs

LONDON – British politics has reached hallucinating levels: in the sense that in Westminster the cocaine flows in rivers, and they are considering introducing drug dogs into the Parliament building. To lift the veil on what is a secret of Pulcinella is the Sunday Times, which tells how in a recent control traces of drugs were found in 11 of the 12 places tested, some of which were accessible only with a parliamentary pass. The drug is bipartisan: cocaine has been detected in the bathrooms near the office of Boris Johnson and the Minister of the Interior, but also in those near the rooms of the Labor shadow government. There is a story of a deputy who snorted in front of everyone at a party, in the presence of journalists; and in another case a staff member walked into an MP’s office late at night and caught him making a lead on his desk.

“There is a cocaine culture in Parliament,” a Westminster veteran told the Sunday Times. Some are made continuously, others we taste every now and then. Some are well-known names, others are ambitious young deputies or officials: they think they are untouchable ». Indeed, a former congressman would have hired his pusher as a member of his staff in the past, in order to pay it regularly. “What is an open secret in Westminster is the drug culture – said a special adviser -. Everyone knows which office to go to to find a joint. ‘ It is not uncommon to come across officials wandering stoned through the corridors, with a ball of gaze: “You simply turn away or look at the ceiling,” admits the councilor.

It should be considered that there are 19,000 people in possession of a parliamentary pass and who can access Westminster without checks, even if only 3,000 have entered regularly since the beginning of the pandemic. Over the course of a year, two drug dealers were arrested around Parliament while 13 people were arrested for drug possession: in total, 17 drug-related crimes were investigated in or around parliamentary buildings.

The Speaker of the House, Sir Lindsay Hoyle, has promised an investigation and next week a Commission will deal with the case. “There is no place in our society for drugs and certainly not in our Parliament – said the Minister of the Interior, Priti Patel -. Those who are privileged to work at the heart of our democracy and who are involved in the use or distribution of drugs are completely disconnected from the pain and suffering they feed through drug trafficking. ” Johnson prepares to throw a squeeze on wealthy drug users, to change the perception that privileged people can violate the law without consequences: and could decide to “set an example” starting with some high-profile person.

The The maximum sentence for possession of cocaine in England is seven years in prison. The union representing the parliamentary staff, however, tried to put the question into context: “A working culture made up of very long hours and tight deadlines can create pressure that is perceived as unmanageable: it is necessary to make support available for those who have ended up in drugs and continue to improve working conditions “.

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