Veneto, another two thousand infections but a quarter of hospitalized patients. The green pass checks are activated

Covid infections at 2,219 today in Veneto, Sunday 5 December in Veneto: the figures are those of last year, with the difference that the hospitalized are fourth compared to 2020. The president of the Region Luca Zaia said two days ago. “It’s not that we are better, vaccines work.” There are 516 infections registered in today’s Azienda Zero bulletin in Vicenza, 490 in Treviso, 433 in Venice and 411 in Padua. The total number of positives and cured of Covid hospitalized is equal to 656 people, of which 123 in intensive care, with an increase of 24. Another 3 deaths have been registered in Veneto, while vaccinations are increasing everywhere in view of the holidays and especially of the green pass obligation, starting tomorrow, Monday 6 December, due to the government decree of 26 November last. Green certificate to access public transport, buses, trams, water buses, and reinforced green pass (from vaccine) instead to enter bars, restaurants, hotels, fairs, festivals, conferences, game rooms.

The obligation of masks also returns outdoors in many municipalities, especially in the nightlife places, in the squares, in the historic centers, at the Christmas markets. In Venice, masks must be worn as early as Friday if you walk in the historic center and on the mainland: in Mestre on the Riviera XX Settembre and neighboring streets, piazzale Donatori di Sangue, calle Giovanni Legrenzi and in Venice in fondamenta degli Ormesini, foundations of Misericordia da Ponte San Girolamo in Ponte San Marziale, in Campo San Giacomo, in Campo della Naranseria, Campo Cesare Battisti (Bella Vienna), neighboring streets and arcades, in Campo Santa Margherita and neighboring streets, bridges and squares, in Piazza San Marco and in the Marciana area, in the Mercerie and on the Rialto bridge, and in Mestre in Piazza Ferretto, at the market, and at the markets of Marghera and Lido, at the landing stages, including the access walkways for local public transport, and on any other occasion in which it is not possible to respect interpersonal distance. In addition, a mandatory green pass from tomorrow 6 December for those who access the public transport jetties from the piers to facilitate random checks. In the prefecture in Venice, the planning of controls on the new health measures and green pass will be illustrated.

Meanwhile, an army of hundreds of people operates in the Venetian area, in Ulss 3 and Ulss 4, in the fight against the pandemic on various fronts. At the Jesolo hospital, where the Covid 1 and Covid 4 sections (36 beds) are active, 61 people are dedicated to the care of the current 24 Covid patients, of which 51 are nurses and health workers, 10 doctors. Even more numerous is the contingent of personnel dedicated to tampon, contact tracing and vaccination activities which to date consists of a total of 150 units in Ulss 4, also in territorial activity, i.e. tampons and vaccines at home and in nursing homes, guaranteed by 46 people (30 nurses and 16 doctors) of the special care continuity units (Usca).

«A real army both in numbers and in organization – says the director general of Ulss 4, Mauro Filippi -. These are people who for two years have been able to pass in a few hours from the ward to the vaccination centers, from services to contact tracing, and behind all this the administrative machine that manages purchases and hires, without forgetting another army, namely that of volunteers. which is always needed for valuable work. The number of positive people in the territory of the Ulss 4 today has increased to 1,483 with an average of about 100 daily infections. The age group most affected by the infections is under 12 and affects the non-vaccinated part of the population. Vaccination activity reached 377,345 doses administered (88% of the vaccinable population) of which 27,892 third doses.

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