Milan bans single-use plastic for events

Stop with plastic glasses, plates and cutlery. Milan bans disposable tableware for events. This was decided by the junta led by the mayor Beppe Sala has launched guidelines so that events in the city are “increasingly sustainable and respectful of the environment”.

“The tendency to organize eco-friendly events is getting stronger. A sustainable event not only contributes to protecting the environment, but is an advantage in terms of marketing for sponsors, promoters and public opinion – said Elena Grandi, the environmental and green councilor. These guidelines are in continuity with actions already implemented in recent years, such as the elimination of single-use plastics and the recovery of food waste, in the belief that a correct synergy between public and private administration is essential for the achievement of a city with zero waste and zero waste, capable of reducing energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions even during concerts, exhibitions or other events “.

The provision identifies four reward criteria that must be respected for the realization of events in the city such as: use of recyclable materials for the fittings; respect for separate collection and limitation of single-use plastics thanks also to the use of alternative recyclable and easily reusable materials; attention to the fight against food waste where possible; recourse to the use of electricity deriving from renewable sources.

The adoption of the criteria suggested by the guidelines will be differentiated according to the different type of events:

  • events organized directly by the Municipality, for which the inclusion of the four criteria is envisaged as minimum mandatory elements, where applicable, in the tender specifications;
  • events organized by third parties, announced by the Municipality and sponsored by the Municipality without selection (or at the request of the proposer) for which the four criteria must be included in the guidelines to be sent to the organizers at the time of the request for sponsorship or request for use of public land;
  • events organized by Third Sector entities and also hosted at the structures of the Municipality or Municipalities for which the four criteria will be adopted on a voluntary basis and included in the guidelines to be sent to the organizers at the time of the request for patronage or use of spaces;
  • events organized by third parties for which the four criteria will be implemented on a voluntary basis after an awareness-raising action by the Municipality for the implementation of events that are as sustainable as possible.

The launch of the experimentation will concern in particular all the events organized by the Municipality of Milan and the events scheduled at the Fabbrica del Vapore and in the offices under the authority of the Administration starting from 2022.


Milan bans singleuse plastic events

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