The mother of Davide Giri, the Columbia graduate student killed in New York: “He was good” –

The mother of Davide Giri, the Columbia graduate student killed in New York: “He was good” –
The mother of Davide Giri, the Columbia graduate student killed in New York: “He was good” –
from Paolo Coccorese

Alba, the family of the thirty-year-old who was stabbed to death in the US: «He was on his way home, he didn’t do anything wrong. He had many gifts, he was humble “

«You cannot die like this. Davide was on his way home, he didn’t go looking for her, he didn’t do anything wrong. He was a good and quiet person. There was no reason why it would end like this. ‘ Tina is the mom of Davide Giri. The thirty-year-old Piedmontese, a doctoral student at Columbia University, was stabbed to death in New York, not far from his home, returning from a football training session, the victim of a member of a street gang.

The news of his death was greeted with emotion in Alba, the Cuneo town where he was born and where his family lives. The parents, brother and sister, shocked by grief, received a visit yesterday from Marco Brunetti, the bishop of the diocese. “Davide was much more than what the newspapers wrote”, the parents told Monsignor Brunetti. “He truly followed the fourth commandment, honors his father and mother, and had a great sense of family.”

Mrs. Tina, the death of your son has struck a lot because of the apparent irrationality that prompted the attacker to choose his victim. In that part of New York, walking after dark is not recommended. That piece of neighborhood has not yet been redeveloped, there had already been attacks.
“Davide was on his way home, he didn’t go looking for her.”

Had he nearly finished his doctorate in New York?
“Yes, that’s why he was in the United States. Before leaving, he had also received proposals from other universities, but he had chosen Columbia ».

At the Polytechnic of Turin, the university where he studied, they had tried to keep him to undertake the Phd in Italy. His professors remember him as a very bright student.
“He was a humble person, he never bragged about his achievements. At home, here with us, he was educated not to brag, to be grateful for his gifts, but never to brag about them. “

For this reason, reading the many portraits written after his death, did you feel some irritation?
“I didn’t have the strength to read the newspapers. Many words have been said, others will be made. Many beautiful things. With my other children we have chosen, for the moment, to remain silent. David would have wanted it that way. We know what he has done in his 30 years and what, unfortunately, he will no longer be able to do ».

How did you learn the news of his death?
“The news came to us from the United States. They warned us from there ».

Are you going to reach New York?
“We haven’t made a decision yet. We are waiting for news from the United States ».

The other evening hundreds of people, including students and employees of Columbia University, attended a vigil on campus, with flowers and candles. Did you like it?
“We prefer to keep our feelings to ourselves, my son was a reserved person, we prefer not to add anything else.”

She is a believer, in the parish she takes care of the after-school activities, she never pulled back when there was to help others. If you think back to your son’s killer, are you convinced that anger can give way to forgiveness?
(After consulting with her husband) “Again, we prefer to keep our things to ourselves, sorry, but we are reserved people. It is not yet the time to speak ».

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