WhatsApp, it is possible to send anonymous messages: absurd twist

Check on WhatsApp a way to send anonymous messages. Let’s see how to apply the makeup on the instant messaging service.

How to Send Anonymous Messages on Messaging Application (Via Screenshot)

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world, but the privacy it remains a delicate issue that often touches users. In fact, without a mobile number it is impossible to register on the app. So you will need to register by activating a temporary telephone number to which to deliver the verification code to finish opening the profile. There are actually several sites capable of provide disposable numbers which are used precisely to receive the activation codes of various services without using your own number.

Often, however, these numbers do not work and are often even already used and therefore are associated with active WhatsApp accounts. However, there are online platforms such as receivemsonline.net, receivemsonline.net O freeonlinephone.org where, by digging through the lists, it will be possible to find some more numbers available. The only important thing is that this is still unavailable. With one of these telephone numbers, therefore, it will be possible to message in complete anonymity.

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WhatsApp, updated the pc version: all the changes

New very important news for all users (via screenshot)

There are always many updates that involve WhatsApp. This time, however, the latest update does not concern the mobile version but the one for pc. In fact the novelty will come for both Windows that for macOS. It will be possible to download the Beta on the Microsoft Store. Plus the new one Universal Windows App (UWP) of Whatsapp is completely rewritten from scratch. In its version Windows 11 it also integrates the renewed ones Acrylic graphic effects. With the new operating system also increases the speed of the application that will open in less than a second.

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The drawing function, which allows you to draw on a dedicated panel and send the result as an image. Notifications will be sent even when the application is closed. According to the portal Lumia updates only the stickers would be missing, which most likely will be added in subsequent versions. As for iOS, the updated application should also work on iPad. At the moment, however, there is no information regarding the arrival date on Mac nor on the iPad.


WhatsApp send anonymous messages absurd twist

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