Lombardy: rape alarms, between deserted trains and unleashed gangs – Chronicle

Lombardy: rape alarms, between deserted trains and unleashed gangs – Chronicle
Lombardy: rape alarms, between deserted trains and unleashed gangs – Chronicle

Milan – It is open hunting, with investigations that are concentrated between Milanese and Varese, to the couple of rapists who attacked two girls on the treno Milano-Varese and at the station. A raid that triggers, once again, the security alarm on a high-risk line. At the weekend the trains fill up with very young people, who return home after spending the evening in Milan. Trains that at Saronno empty, and the carriages remain more and more deserted at each intermediate stop, a no-man’s land where gangs act undisturbed. Very rare checks on trains, as well as in the stations of the villages and towns along the route.

A situation which pushed the rapists to act, during a nightmare journey. According to the reconstructions, the two men aimed the first prey by crossing the train convoys. The girl, a 22-year-old on her way home, was alone. In an instant they surrounded her, jumped on her consuming sexual violence. Then they left, and got off the train at Venegono Inferiore station, where the raid continued. Not satisfied, they started looking for a second victim. They targeted another twenty-year-old who, alone in the station, was waiting for the train bound for Milan. The woman was approached by the two, who began to groped her, but she found the strength to react and managed to free herself, running away and looking for help. Thus, the two fled, mingling in the dark, among the streets of the town of Varese.

The team mobile in Varese is hunting down the two dangerous rapists and is examining all the traces left on the path, starting with the footage of the video surveillance cameras in the time frame in which the two violence took place: from 10pm to 10.15pm. A quarter of an hour from A Clockwork Orange. The two women, both 22 years old, were taken in tears and in shock to the Del Ponte hospital in Varese, where they were taken into care. The report, for one of the victims, speaks clearly: rape. Fortunately, the other managed to save herself from the rape. Investigators have collected the testimonies of the victims and are reconstructing the path of the two rapists, who may have boarded the train in Milan and perhaps live in the Venegono area, a few kilometers from Varese. A path that could have been framed by the many surveillance cameras that in these hours are being sifted to give a face and a name to the criminal couple. The investigations continue in the utmost secrecy, but a turning point could soon come.

An episode very serious, on a section already at the center of alarms for safety on board trains in the past. Passengers on several occasions have been subjected to sexual harassment, physical or verbal approaches. But the intervention of external people, other travelers or controllers, in those cases had averted more serious consequences. The memory goes back to the nightmare experienced in 2018 by a 16-year-old girl. On 23 September, one Sunday, a fool accidentally met the minor on the train of the Saronno-Seregno line, threatened her with death claiming to be armed with a pistol, forced her to get off at the Saronno Sud station and follow him. Then, at the deserted station, he dragged her to a secluded corner and raped her.

The carabinieri they managed to frame him thanks to DNA, fingerprints and also thanks to the description provided by the victim. The first-degree trial against the young man ended with a sentence of eight years and two months of imprisonment. The judge even went beyond the demands of the prosecutor, who had proposed a sentence of seven years in prison for the boy. At the trial, with an abbreviated procedure and therefore with a reduction of one third of the sentence, he was not even recognized the generic mitigations. Now the new nightmare, just a few miles away. No man’s land trains and stations, with completely empty trains in the evening and without controls. Even the railway police, in shortage of staff, do not have a fixed garrison in the stations. Cameras are not enough as a deterrent. And women, after a certain time, are afraid to get on board.

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