The revolt of the controllers and the doubts of the restaurants: the close risk of chaos

The revolt of the controllers and the doubts of the restaurants: the close risk of chaos
The revolt of the controllers and the doubts of the restaurants: the close risk of chaos

Super green pass or green pass? From tomorrow the Italians will have to have an extra document in their pocket. The standard green pass will be mandatory to get on public transport, play sports, work and go to hotels. While vaccination will be necessary to enter restaurants, bars and all social places. The Interior Ministry plan provides for the formation of teams to check the certificate, made up of local public transport personnel and law enforcement agencies. Furthermore, to implement the new provisions, the government app for the verification of the green pass will have to be updated, which will have to distinguish between a vaccine certificate or a swab certificate.

But 24 hours before departure chaos reigns. Because if the circular from the Ministry of the Interior establishes that checks must be carried out by police and carabinieri, brigade and local public transport management bodies, in reality no one has yet received clear indications.

“We do not yet have guidelines for controls,” explains Pasquale Alessandro Griesi, provincial secretary of Milan Fsp of the State Police. The problems concerning the introduction of the new rules are many and not only of a technical nature. «The staff is never enough, they often skip rest periods, we work double shifts. It is a difficult period for everyone and this confusion could create a problem for national security, because it requires the employment of men to be diverted from other tasks ». The State Police has been working understaffed for some time and the teams will now be called upon to carry out the extra services for green pass checks: «We don’t know how to organize ourselves. The State Police but, in general, all the police, have routine checks on the territory at any time of the day of the night for macro and micro crime. This is an extra chore for men. The national secretariat itself has asked several times for a meeting with the Draghi government but, at the moment, there has not yet been any ». The green certification checks are added to the deployment of police on Saturdays for the no-pass processions and principals, now in their twentieth week of protests: «Unfortunately we no longer have days off to reconcile work and family. We are no longer able to organize our life ».

But that of the police is not the only sector that complains of disorganization and lack of communication on the part of the Interior Ministry. Among the Lombard conductors, no one is clear what their role should be: “We received a circular – reveals a local transport source – where it is clearly explained that the checks will be carried out by the railway company in those service locations where they are located. present the police and in any case before accessing the train. There will be teams that will collaborate with Polfer made up of security, assistance and control operators. While the staff on board will not be interested ».

But our source also explains to us that if on the one hand the prefect of Milan speaks of collaboration between law enforcement and operators in possession of the qualification of public service, on the other hand it was requested that on-board checks be suspended. “Given that the Covid situation is undergoing a worsening – reads the circular – we asked for the possibility that on-board control be suspended or in any case remain at the discretion of the conductor”. So who controls? Mystery.

But the confusion is not far behind among the owners of bars and restaurants: «The app of the government VerificationC19 has not yet been updated – a bartender tells us -. We fear that nothing is ready tomorrow. How will we do it? Those who have the green pass as a swab usually have it on paper, those who are vaccinated have it digital. Let’s try and leave out those who have paper ».

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