SNOW CONFIRMED in the PLAINS and beyond. All the details «3B Meteo

SNOW CONFIRMED in the PLAINS and beyond. All the details «3B Meteo
SNOW CONFIRMED in the PLAINS and beyond. All the details «3B Meteo

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IT’S OFFICIAL, IMMACULATE WITH THE SNOW IN THE PLAINS: a few days later the last doubts about the arrival of the snow for the day of 8 December dissolve. There will be snow, even in the plains and may be abundant with accumulations of up to 10-15cm on some cities of the Valpadana such as Torino. The doubt mainly concerned the tightness of the cold air cushion that will rest on the Po valley basin in the night between 7 and 8 December due to clear skies but the its resistance will be guaranteed and not only for the day of the Immaculate Conception but also for the day 9 which will still see snowfall at times up to the plains. However, not the whole Po basin will be affected by flat snowfalls, the milder air attracted by the Atlantic vortex responsible for the worsening will be able in part to infiltrate and raise the freezing point, especially in the eastern sector between the lower Veneto, Friuli, the Romagna and part of eastern Emilia. Local conditions they will therefore be very decisive. Snowy surprises they could then also concern Liguria, substantially the area of Genoa particularly exposed to the call of the cold winds from the north.

On the rest of the Peninsula the southern call will be responsible for a thermal increase with the snow level in a sudden rise going towards the south, so much so that on the southern Apennines the appointment with the snow will be postponed to the following day when the cold air will also spread towards the south. These are the average snow altitudes expected for the day:

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To know the expected thermal trend in the next few days, consult our thermal maps up to 10 days >> Here.

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