new hubs in five Esselunga supermarkets in Milan and its province

new hubs in five Esselunga supermarkets in Milan and its province
new hubs in five Esselunga supermarkets in Milan and its province

Esselunga supermarkets will also administer Covid vaccines. At the moment there is availability for five workstations in as many supermarkets in Milan and in the province.

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Esselunga too has given availability to offer, in some of its facilities, in Milan and beyond, the administration of anti-Covid 19 serum, dedicating areas to vaccination hubs. The regional welfare management confirmed this to The first to speak about this possibility was the coordinator of the vaccination campaign of the Lombardy Region, Guido Bertolaso: who had also announced the possibility of administrations also in subway stations.

Vaccines in Esselunga supermarkets in Milan and its province

According to reports from the welfare dg, five Esselunga supermarkets have given their willingness to vaccinate against Covid-19: in via dei Missagli in Milan, then in Rubattino, Pantigliate, Pioltello, San Donato. However, the timing of the actual grounding of the proposal is still uncertain. Meanwhile, among the other options that are being analyzed, there is also that of subway stations. In that case it will be necessary to understand if, unlike the consolidated method of administration in vaccination hubs, which has already demonstrated its effectiveness, this vaccination point can have the same incidence for people without reservations who pass on public transport routes.

Indications for vaccinations for children

Meanwhile, yesterday it was explained how vaccination lines designed and dedicated entirely to children will be carried out in Lombardy. They will have fixed times, to meet the needs of families and not to interfere with school hours. In fact, the appointments will be scheduled in the afternoon or at the end of the weekend. The appointment booking remains the standard one also provided for adults, through the Lombardy Region platform or through a Postamat counter or through a postman.


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