to Norway the Lillehammer relay. Italy fifth

Third victory in three days for Norway in the home stage of Lillehammer, which also conquers the men’s 4×7.5 km relay, thanks to the final sprint of Johannes Klaebo, 2nd place for Russia I, Norway II closes the podium . Very good performance of the blue team, which gets a nice 5th place.

Norway takes the lead in the home stage of Lillehammer and, after the successes of Klaebo and Krueger on Friday and Saturday, also conquers the men’s 4×7.5 km relay.

A result that was decided during the last lap, when on the final straight Norway I and Russia II detached their respective teams II and battled for success. Johannes Klaebo got the better of a brilliant Sergey Ustiugov by just two tenths, much to the delight of the Lillehammer crowd.

So Norway, which thanks to Valnes, Iversen, Krueger and Klaebo, signs the success in the first and only men’s relay of the season (the next will be the one that will award the Olympic title in Beijing); noteworthy, however, also the performance of Russia II (Terentev, Semikov, Maltsev and Ustiugov) who tried to mock the hosts up to the last meters. The second Norwegian team closes the podium, made up of Golberg, Nyenget, Holund and Amundsen, which in the final sprint for the 3rd preceded Russia I by only two tenths (Chervotkin, Bolshunov, Spitsov and Yakimushkin).

Italy partially redeems a disastrous stage at the male level: the boys of DT Alfred Stauder obtain an excellent 5th place, with four positions recovered in the last fraction by ‘Chicco’ Pellegrino. The blue quartet, made up of Paolo Ventura, Francesco De Fabiani, Stefano Gardener and Federico Pellegrino, closed the test at ’55 from the norge.

The top ten is completed by Sweden I, sixth, Germany, seventh, Switzerland, which finished in 8th place, United States ninth and finally Canada in 10th place.

Thus ends the three days of Lillehammer; the Cross-Country Skiing World Cup will return next Saturday, with the Swiss stage of Davos, where a sprint and a 15 km are scheduled, both in skating.

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