Vaia (Spallanzani): «Vaccines? Against Covid-19 it will take a reminder a year as for the flu “

To deal with Covid-19, a recall will be necessary every year as for the flu shot. Word of Francesco Vaia, general manager of the Spallanzani hospital in Rome, who explains about Omicron: “The data coming from South Africa do not justify alarmism”. Vaia, speaking today with Il Fatto Quotidiano, says that this is the way to overcome the emergency: «As for the flu, do an annual booster with vaccines that are however updated to the variants. Annual vaccination doesn’t have to be a drama and we need to take steps that make families our allies, not scare them. With a smile and common sense. We will get out of it, here we are ».

On Omicron Vaia says that «the variant will take over from Delta (which had already taken over from Alfa and which could in turn be replaced by another one). It no longer seems pathogenic and is not arousing alarm so we could even think of a more benign variant, although we must however consider that the South African population is very young and, therefore, as the pandemic less prone to disease, especially serious, has taught us. But my South African colleagues are optimistic and hope, among other things, for a review of the closure measures by the other states and I believe they have valid reasons. We don’t have to be afraid. There are no reasons at all. In Italy we have very few cases and scarcely relevant clinically; to Spallanzani, for example, in the zero state ».

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