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“They don’t get vaccinated, I have to protect my girls”: Italians’ Christmas with relatives No vax

A No vax relative can create a lot of problems at Christmas. For this, he tells today to the Messenger the Roman Angela Arancio, biologist and researcher at the Istituto Superiore di Sanità, will avoid meeting her during the holidays: “A decision mainly due to the fact that I have a duty to protect my girls and therefore limit contacts with non-vaccinated people as much as possible “. The dispute with the relative began when the doctor read some of her posts on Facebook. She tried to reason with her relative, who accused her of being “an active part of a health dictatorship”. At that point the family quarrel broke out: “I explained to you – says the doctor – that you cannot face a serious situation like that of the Coronavirus by inquiring on the internet”. And at Christmas the members of the Arancio family will be divided between vax and No vax: “I have chosen not to see her and interrupt any relationship – he explains – Now more than ever: because it is precisely because of the adults who do not get vaccinated that I will have to vaccinate the my little girls. The madness is all here, it is about people who do not want to accept reality and scientific evidence. With respect to this, the only weapon we have is to distance ourselves, including physical ones, to protect ourselves and limit the spread of the virus. Even at Christmas ». The doctor’s parents, on the other hand, will let the relative into the house, but keeping a safe distance and wearing a mask.

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