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MOTTA: the new club tour starts on March 2nd from Milan

After a long summer of concerts, Receive back on tour in 2022 in the main clubs of Italy. The new tour will start in March, with the set in full band, to present his latest record live Simple”, released on April 30 by Sugar, and the classics of previous records.

Motta’s live show is undoubtedly one of the most acclaimed live shows by audiences and critics alike.

In March we will return to play in the places I have always lived as my home. “Motta tells “I want to mess around, want to be close and to carry around what are not just songs for me, but a large part of my life. They will be the places where I have not been back for a while, and we decided to go back also because it is the thing that I have missed most in recent months. We will get to pretty much everywhere.”

The tour is organized by Locusta Booking, below is the calendar of dates confirmed to date:

02 March Milano – Alcatraz

03 March Pistoia – H2NO

04 March Roncade (TV) – New Age – tickets>

05 March Torino – OGR – tickets>

March 12 Livorno – The Cage

March 19 Perugia – Urban

March 25 Taranto – Spaceport

March 31 Bologna – Locomotiv

01 April Brescia – Molloy dairy

02 April Pordenone – Capitol

April 17 Cesena – They see

April 29 Florence – Viper Theater – tickets>

April 30 Bergamo – Piazza Alpini

Together with Motta (vocals, acoustic guitar and percussion), Cesare Petulicchio (drums), Giorgio Maria Condemi (guitars), Carmine Iuvone (cello), Matteo Scannicchio (keyboards / electronics) and Francesco Chimenti (bass / cello) will take the stage.

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