Rome, Totti is back at the stadium: between nostalgia and hopes

Rome, Totti is back at the stadium: between nostalgia and hopes
Rome, Totti is back at the stadium: between nostalgia and hopes

Galeotto the sponsor of Roma, who brought them closer together. In the meantime, this is certain: Roma and Francesco Totti have come back together. And then, who knows if they will come back to join permanently. Francesco’s evening at the Olimpico was certainly not experienced as a stranger, a simple guest. Like one light years away from Rome. He is certainly not an enemy today, as he felt for some time, until he had to escape from the club, in which he grew up. In Trigoria and the captain himself minimize, that there is no future together at least for the moment and that this rapprochement is not the beginning of anything in particular. And maybe that’s the way it is. After all, the former captain is not interested in a role as an image man in Rome, he has always stated this, he hopes for an operational role. For now, he enters through the back door, through the Giallorossi sponsor: in any case he is at home. The hope of many is that Totti will return to society, because he and Roma are one and the last night at the Olimpico proved it for the umpteenth time.

The presence of Francesco at the stadium, with this property, is however a first. Since he left Rome, in June 2019 with that river press conference at Coni, it is the second time he has appeared. The first, in October of the same year: it was a Roma-Milan. The fans at the stadium welcomed him as in the old days, with the choirs always dedicated to him as a player, and they speak as if they knew everything, as if they wanted to reveal a future. They did it in their own way, with a meaningful banner: “Totti and De Rossi symbols of the Romanist people, welcome back home.”

Thus, as if his return home were taken for granted, even for Daniele, who was also present at the Olimpico. And here too, who knows. How the evening of honor was born, the meeting, is well known: the sponsor of Rome, Digitalbits, entrusts its fortunes and tomorrow it will be official, with a press conference, which will see Francesco as the protagonist as Digitalbits Ambassador. Roma, informed by the sponsor of the captain’s presence at the Olimpico, prepared a welcome with all the trimmings.

Totti shows up at the stadium – where he had been missing for two years – an hour before the game. He returns to the landlord: he goes to greet the boys in the locker room (including his client Cristian Volpato, whom Mou will make his debut against Inter), a good luck as usual, then up, towards the grandstand, where he is waiting for him. it’s the property, Dan and Ryan Friedkin, with whom he was allegedly spotted at dinner last night and who gave him the classic “welcome home”. A toast, a chat and then in the stands. Totti sits in the sponsor’s box, just above there is the property of Rome, next to him is the CEO Pietro Berardi. He looks out to the fans, greets, gets excited. For him only applause. Totti remains in everyone’s heart, beyond the roles. But there are those who are willing to bet that tomorrow he will announce his return to Rome, in the press conference – at the Lanterna di Fuksas – that the sponsor organized to present his role as Digitalbits ambassador. We’ll see.


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