“They ask us for money like Equitalia”. The wrath of the 5 stars becomes a bomb on the vote for the Colle

“They ask us for money like Equitalia”. The wrath of the 5 stars becomes a bomb on the vote for the Colle
“They ask us for money like Equitalia”. The wrath of the 5 stars becomes a bomb on the vote for the Colle

Once upon a time there was a party founded on public reporting, on refunds and on the rigor of a pact of diversity against which someone also periodically rebelled, deciding to leave the group and the mechanism, thus maintaining the entire, substantial stake. But that was the exception, not the rule. It was the time of the Anti-auction, of the Palace to be opened like a can of tuna, of the “never agreements with Bibbiano’s party” and of the many revolutionary slogans recited in favor of an electorate seduced by the Great Protest.

However, the escalation of the dissociation from the sacred rule has been increasing over time, becoming the rule itself, with returns increasingly stranded and a system programmed to blow up the building that ended up modeling itself on the building itself. The internal tensions within the Cinquestelle ended up wearing down the various leaderships, eroded popular consensus as well as, together with bad administrative management, led to rather thunderous falls in cities like Rome and Turin. However, the parliamentary body of M5s remains decidedly robust. If at the beginning of the legislature the Cinquestelle could count on 226 deputies and 112 senators, today Giuseppe Conte has 159 deputies and 74 senators. A very important diaspora. But net of the triple-digit farewells, the grillini can still count only among those elected in Parliament out of 233 Great Electors.

A nourished troop in which there is no shortage of bad payers, but above all there is no shortage of discontent. Just in these days the treasurer Claudio Cominardi sent an email to all the members of the groups. Inside the message an extract of the personal position, an invitation to comply and a sort of bulletin with which to proceed with the balance of the refund to be made. A move that some have not judged to be very far-sighted, given the imminence of the vote for the Quirinale. “They ask us for money like Equitalia,” say parliamentary sources. The result is that, as Il Foglio also said, within the Cinquestelle the discontent have increased exponentially and we are faced with a bomb ready to explode, the classic snowball that risks turning into an avalanche with forty elected people ready to vote in a dissonant manner from the indication that it will come from the general staff of the party. Indication that there is not yet, given that the quirinalizia skein is still enveloped for all political forces, but this is another matter.

«Giuseppe Conte has one more problem in view of the Colle: they are the frank tirchioni» writes Simone Canettieri. «Rebellious and defaulting snipers. Grillini who in the secret of the ballot box will make him pay for this last affront: the request for quotas not paid to the party. Penalty the public pillory. In the M5s, many were waiting for nothing else. What better excuse to feel free? On the other hand, at least two thirds of the deputies and senators will not be elected in the next round. So there are at least forty parliamentarians who promise mutiny in the secret of the ballot box. Ready to vote everyone and everything, but not the name that the leader of the main force of Parliament will propose. It is the supreme spite. The sgarro of the peons whose emerald life is about to end ».

The rebellion of the Cinquestelle will be modulated in different ways depending on the options in the field. For them the best solution would be one that would crystallize the current situation. In the pentastellato field, one looks with interest at the attempt that Enrico Letta is carrying out with Luigi Di Maio’s bank to create the conditions for an encore by Sergio Mattarella. This hypothesis is far from easy since the person concerned does not want to know about a remake of his quirinalizia experience. The solution judged to be the worst is the one that would lead to the election of Mario Draghi. A scenario that would risk sliding the country towards elections which, in the light of the polls and the paradoxical cut of parliamentarians signed by M5s, would turn into the perfect political suicide for the Grillini parliamentary groups. And that could push many elected officials to move towards the solution on the most distant paper, joining forces with the center-right on the name of Silvio Berlusconi.

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