Milan, kidnapped, beaten and abandoned in agony in a pitch: three people arrested

Milan, kidnapped, beaten and abandoned in agony in a pitch: three people arrested
Milan, kidnapped, beaten and abandoned in agony in a pitch: three people arrested

Three men were arrested today by the carabinieri on charges of having kidnapped and beaten a 32-year-old compatriot because he was considered the lover of the wife of one of those arrested.

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At dawn today, Sunday 5 December, the Carabinieri of the Provincial Command of Bergamo, together with that of Brescia and Verona, arrested three people, all of Indian nationality. The precautionary measures issued by the judge for the preliminary investigations concern the kidnapping, aggression and robbery committed, on the morning of 25 November 2020, between Cassina de ‘Pecchi, in the Milanese area, and That, to the detriment of a 32-year-old compatriot, resident in Brescia.

The assault and kidnapping of the alleged lover of the wife of one of the arrested

According to what was reconstructed by the investigations, the man was punished because he had a clandestine relationship with the wife of one of the arrested. The victim was caught from behind and, taken by force, boarded an Iveco van. He had been tied up, hooded and beaten up repeatedly with kicks and punches, until he was knocked unconscious. The man, bleeding, was then abandoned on a lay-by of the Provincial Road, the link between the territory of Isso, Antegnate and Mozzanica. The man was first rescued by some passers-by and then by the doctors and paramedics of 118. The victim, in addition to being threatened with death, was also robbed of the two mobile phones and the money he had with him.

The threats before the kidnapping

Also according to the investigations carried out by the police, the threats against the victim would have started long before his kidnapping. A month earlier, two of the arrested had gone to the home of a relative of the kidnapped where, after having entered by force and found the presumed lover’s presence, they had threatened him to make him confess the clandestine relationship. A 38-year-old and a 35-year-old ended up in prison in San Vittore in Milan, while a 41-year-old was placed under house arrest. All those arrested were residents or domiciled between Bresciano and the province of Verona.


Milan kidnapped beaten abandoned agony pitch people arrested

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