On leave to assist his mother, he goes to his lover: he loses his job and his wife

On leave to assist his mother, he goes to his lover: he loses his job and his wife
On leave to assist his mother, he goes to his lover: he loses his job and his wife

Arezzo, December 5, 2021 – She had to look after her mother seriously ill. But in the days of leave from work granted by law 104 but went to Perugia in the lover’s house. A secret relationship that cost an employee of a software company in the Arezzo Valdichiana first the job and finally the marriage.

Followed by private 007s hired by the companya, the man was spotted in Perugia while his wife said he was at work. In that latest generation company where he was officially on leave thanks to law 104, the one that grants days of leave to those who have to assist disabled or non self-sufficient relatives.

The use of 104, to hear the owners of the company based in Valdichiana, had been going on for a few years. At least three are those in which the man has systematically benefited from the privileges of law 104. Many, too many, for the patience of the owners who are beginning to become suspicious.

The story changes with a small hiccup. The 45-year-old computer scientist, a wife and a son, had been appreciated for his professional skills: faced with an emergency in company software, a few months ago, one of the owners had asked him to return to work despite the 104.

«Make an exception, we don’t know how to solve the problem …» asks the owner of the company. “I can’t: I’m here with my mother and I don’t know who to leave her with,” the answer in a somewhat evasive tone. As in all provincial stories, it is a small detail that blows everything up: the owner immediately after the call finds himself passing under the house of the sick mother.

But the employee’s car is nowhere in the neighborhood. Confirmation that there may be something strange to hide. The owner of the company thus decides to rely on you have detectives private of Carlo Nencioli’s Falco Investigations to find out where the employee spends his days off.

Nencioli’s men set off on the trail of the 45-year-old computer scientist, a wife and a son. The man was stalked for a few days: it took less than expected to uncover the truth. The employee in 104 took the road of Umbria to meet his lover.

A relationship that has been going on for some time: the private detectives found themselves confronted to a consolidated relationship where “he was available to paint the house or help clear out the furniture from the apartment he had been using for some time as an alcove”, explains Carlo Nencioli.

The investigators from Arezzo have delivered all the material to the company who put the employee in front of his responsibilities: he agreed to resign after finding another job. The betrayed wife has decided to separate. Finished marriage and new job. In addition, with the lover it will be more difficult to see each other in Perugia, without law 104

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