Carla, all about the film dedicated to Carla Fracci: an unmissable story

A few months after the death of Carla Fracci, the film starring Alessandra Mastronardi about the greatest Italian ballerina was released

The death of Carla Fracci she arrived in a black two-year period for the Italian show. The disappearance of the great ballerina has been added to a series of terrible griefs that have left the Italian culture orphaned of names of absolute prestige. A few months after the sad goodbye, the great dancer was celebrated with a biopic of great effect, simply titled “Carla“.

Carla, all about the film dedicated to Carla Fracci: an unmissable story (websource)

Initially released in cinemas from 8 to 10 November, it is now ready to land on the screens of Rai1. Appointment Sunday 5 December at 9 pm on Rai1. The work is inspired by the dancer’s autobiography, “Step by step – My story” and is interpreted by Alessandra Mastronardi. The film traces the artist’s entire life, both from a human point of view and from his extraordinary career. There Fracci she has been universally recognized as the “absolute prima ballerina” (in the world) by the New York Times.

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Carla Fracci, the film about the life of the great dancer arrives on Rai

The making of the film began when the Fracci she was still alive: for this there was her precious advice, together with that of her husband Beppe Menegatti and the historical collaborator Luisa Graziadei. The work has the patronage of the Lombardy Region and the municipality of Orvieto, the hometown of the dancer. AND Alessandra Mastronardi to interpret the role of the great Carla Fracci. Stefano Rossi Giordani plays her husband, the director Beppe Menegatti. Among the protagonists also Paola Calliari (Ginevra Andegari).

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Euridice Axen is the director Esmee Bulnès. In the cast also Pietro Ragusa (Luigi Fracci), Elena Cotta (Nonna Carla Fracci), Gabriele Rossi (Mario Pistoni), Valentina Romani (Anita Spelta), Maurizio Donadoni (Antonio Ghiringhelli), Maria Amelia Monti (Santina Fracci), Lorenzo Lavia (Luchino Visconti), Paola Lavini (Maria Callas), Elisabetta De Palo (Signora Balera), Claudia Coli (De Calboli), Patrizia La Fonte (Biki).


Carla film dedicated Carla Fracci unmissable story

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