the Arctic Air, BAD WEATHER and SNOW bursts at a very low altitude. Evolution NEXT HOURS »

the Arctic Air, BAD WEATHER and SNOW bursts at a very low altitude. Evolution NEXT HOURS »
the Arctic Air, BAD WEATHER and SNOW bursts at a very low altitude. Evolution NEXT HOURS »

LIVE Weather: Arctic Air bursts, BAD WEATHER and SNOW at a very low altitude. Evolution NEXT HOURS

Cold, Bad Weather and SNOW at very low altitudes in the NEXT HOURSCold, bad weather and snow at very low altitudes. These are the expected effects of a real one Arctic air breakthrough which will negatively affect the weather forecast on many regions of our country.

Already in these hours ours direct weather forecast registers an atmosphere far from peaceful. It is raining on many areas of the North East come in Emilia, its much of the Triveneto where does the name even at low altitudes, on average around 400/500m.
Ma la rain and bad weather is also taking place in many other areas of Italy. Under clouds and precipitation we find the Sardinia north-central, some sections of the Lazio, dell’Abruzzo he was born in Molise. Clouds and rains scattered also bathe the north of Puglia, the Campania and the Tyrrhenian sector of Calabria.
In short, it seems clear that all the conditions are already in place to experience a very turbulent day of celebration for many areas of our country.

So let’s see how the meteorological picture will evolve in detail in the next hours.
Starting from the risk areas bad weather, the morning will be conditioned by rains that are still possible on some corners of theEmilia central and eastern as well as over much of the Triveneto. Here in addition to the rain will continue to fall there name up to a very low altitude (200/400m) especially on the more eastern sectors. Scattered rains are also expected on Eastern Liguria, on the high Tuscany, on the western sectors of Sardinia e Sicily, but above all in the Tyrrhenian sector, from Lazio up to Campania and to Calabria where the rains will be intended for intensify further as the hours go by.
We expect some on the central-southern reliefs snowfall at shares close to 1000m on the central Apennines and at higher altitudes on the southern one.

Few will be the changes in the second part of the day, also destined to spend under the banner of bad weather practically on same regions except for a gradual improvement on Emilia Romagna and Veneto.
It will therefore continue to to rain until evening on the whole central and southern Tyrrhenian sector with heavy rains concentrated mainly along the coasts Calabrians. Umbrellas also open on the two major islands and in the south of Puglia.
Finally, we still expect some snowfall on the Apennines at altitudes close to 900-1000m on the central ones and above i 1300-1400m on those of the South.


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