terror on the evening commuter line – Corriere.it

terror on the evening commuter line – Corriere.it
terror on the evening commuter line – Corriere.it
from Andrea Galli

The violence at different times. They met in the emergency room, both passengers of the same convoy. Investigators: “Hunt for a couple of foreigners”

A twenty-year-old met the other in the night between Friday and yesterday, in the hospital. The reason for the help requested in the emergency room is identical: both passengers on a Trenord train on the line between Milan and Varese, and both attacked shortly after 10pm by a couple of men, perhaps foreigners at least to listen to the report of the women, who were traveling on that moving and mostly empty convoy. Attempted sexual violence in one case, sexual violence committed in the other, because one of the victims managed to resist and escape while the second did not.

The identikits

Investigate the Varese Mobile team, assisted by the railway police. Investigators are based on the following data: the geography of the ambushes would be from lead back to the Vedano Olona station area, where the two could have gotten off while the girls were returning home after the day of study and work, and were alone like a hundred other times in the past on a classic commuter train; the alleged immigrants would have left biological traces, from which to isolate the DNA to be compared at a later stage in the database, assuming that in these last hours the fools have not fled far, perhaps even outside Italy, provided they have their documents in order and it is not at all obvious; after which, should it be ascertained their real foreign origin, it seems that one of the victims is of the same nationality as the aggressors, and would have provided clear elements at least in theassembly of an identikit; along the route and in the immediate surroundings of the railway stations of the Trenord routes, the numerous cameras, if fully functional, will have filmed the approach and departure movements.

The telephone cells

A situation, the latter – or the crystallization of defined positions – which could generate further investigations by the investigators of the Police Headquarters directed by Michele Morelli, such as for example the ascent thanks to the cell phones hooked up by the mobile phones of the two devices. Which, of course, if the initial profile of a pair of stray predators is made official, they could certainly use and have used disposable Sims on Friday, but in any case the Sims still leave clues in cell phones. In conclusion, e
there are well-founded reasons to hypothesize a rapid resolution of the investigation, which inevitably re-proposes, and could not be otherwise, the theme of evening convoys and lack of supervision. The brutal and dramatic facts that will inevitably mark the lives of the girls are not the umpteenth episodes on abandoned, unguarded, unsecured trains. But it is obvious that, in this moment, little indeed nothing changes.

Same carriage?

It is not yet known if the twentysomethings were in the same carriage and whether the attacks took place in a limited space and time or, on the contrary, the predators moved along the entire length of the convoy in search of isolated women. Similarly, there is no knowledge of the possibility of other victims for the time being, or on that train or, both Friday and the days if not the previous weeks, on different trains and maybe not only in the area of ​​the province of Varese. Could the mobile team be in front of a pair of serials? Still early, perhaps, to outline a possible composite and vast scenario.

No theft

There is no evidence that the victims have been stolen from their assets, the stock exchange such as the mobile phone, thus confirming the only intentions of the two, who could have acted after having “marked” the controller and made sure that he was at a safe distance so as not to listen to the screams and calls for help, and consequently not block the train activating the emergency procedure to “guard” the attackers on board until the arrival of the police. The railway police are scanning the universe of humanity that roams on trains waiting for an opportunity to the detriment of others, be it represented by the opportunity of a robbery or violence, and which then, convinced of total impunity, even returns on trains and in stations.

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