Edison “lights up” the Prima della Scala in Milan

Edison “lights up” the Prima della Scala in Milan
Edison “lights up” the Prima della Scala in Milan

Together, once again, for a sustainable use of energy resources and in the name of culture. Edison has renewed its historic collaboration with Teatro alla Scala started in 2010, and will illuminate the evening of 7 December with its renewable energy. Not an evening like any other, but the day where it will be staged Before the Scala. This year, the 2021-2022 Opera and Ballet season will be inaugurated with the presentation to the public of a new production of the opera by Macbeth by Giuseppe Verdi, directed by Riccardo Chailly and directed by Davide Livermore.

A historical link

It’s a bond the one that unites Edison and the Teatro alla Scala in Milan is very old. On the one hand, the oldest energy company in Europe, as well as one of the leading operators in the sector in Italy with over 135 years of records. On the other hand, one of the most prestigious theaters in the world, which for 243 years has hosted the main artists in the international field of ballet, classical music and opera. To understand the importance of such a collaboration, it is necessary to go back to its roots, and from there go through the salient phases of a historical relationship.

In 1883 Edison, for the first time ever, illuminated the Teatro alla Scala with electricity. It did so in a particular period, when in Europe artificial lighting was entrusted to oil lights, with all the risks involved. Only New York and Milan were at the forefront, and the Lombard capital was able to do so thanks to Edison’s vision, which thus gave way to the gradual electrification of Italy.

In the era of digitalization and ecological transaction, this link has been renewed in the name of innovation and sustainability. Since 2020 Edison has become the supporting founder of the theater, while since April 2021 the operator has been the sole supplier of green electricity of the same structure (not only of the theater but also of the other city venues). Just to underline some data, if from 2010 to today, by illuminating the Prima, Edison has avoided the release into the atmosphere of more than 630 tons of carbon dioxide, since April 2021, Edison has been the sole supplier of green energy to the Teatro alla Scala, avoiding the release of 2,600 tons of CO2 in a year. To understand, the amount absorbed by about 90,000 plants.

Edison’s contribution

Edison sells electricity, natural gas and energy and environmental services to multiple customers. It is a company committed at the forefront of the challenge of energy transition, through the development of low carbon generation, energy efficiency and sustainable mobility services, in full harmony with the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) and the objectives defined by the European Green Deal. However, the company also has a business area dedicated to interventions by energy efficiency. In other words, we can say that Edison helps companies and others to consume energy in a green and sustainable way.

The contribution of Edison in improving the efficiency of the Teatro alla Scala is surrounded by concrete actions. This year, for example, the collaboration with the Foundation was enriched with the project “Scala Green“which promotes the Foundation’s path of energy sustainability and decarbonisation. The entire project started with the development of one energy diagnosis useful to outline the next initiatives of a progressive energy transition plan of the Foundation in all its city offices.

In 2018 the project of lighting of the La Scala Theater Museum. The energy diagnosis and energy efficiency of the Laboratories of La Scala in 2019, on the other hand, concerned an area of ​​20,000 square meters. Subsequently, the efficiency of the globes that decorate the “Piermarini” Hall and the internal lighting system of the stages (interventions that have seen the replacement of over 600 incandescent lamps with as many high-efficiency LED lamps, allowing for a reduction in energy consumption electricity exceeding 80% and to avoid the emission of 50 tons of CO2 per year into the atmosphere) are other interventions that Edison has carried out to make the Teatro alla Scala avant-garde.

First widespread

In short, Edison made its skills available to the theater – and therefore to the entire city community – to reduce consumption and find increasingly sustainable solutions. Not only that: the company, for ten years now, has launched a project together with the municipality of Milan and the Department of Culture. Is called First widespread, and its purpose is to bring the artistic excellence of the Teatro alla Scala to all the municipalities of the city, spreading from the center to the suburbs and inviting people to follow the Prima Scala on 7 December even without going to the theater.

Going into the details, from the Manifatture Tabacchi to the Urban Cultural Sea, from the Casa della Carità to the Tuscan Santeria, once again this year Prima Diffusa will light up all the districts of Milan offering a program with over 80 free events and open to all. Furthermore, on the evening of 7 December, the Premiere will be broadcast live in 34 venues in the nine municipalities, even reaching the Theater of the Milano Opera House of Prison and the PuntoZero Beccaria Theater at the Cesare Beccaria Penal Institute for minors. The program and the entire schedule of Prima Diffusa 2021 are available at: www.yesmilano.it/primadiffusa and www.edison.it.

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