In the Milanese area there is only the cement: “Too much logistics and gone green” – Chronicle

In the Milanese area there is only the cement: “Too much logistics and gone green” – Chronicle
In the Milanese area there is only the cement: “Too much logistics and gone green” – Chronicle

Vaprio (Milan) – “The small municipalities left alone in front of the logistics giants are selling off the territory for real estate operations that will bequeath serious environmental and social damage”. Legambiente in the “Day of the Soil”. The appeal “is to change the course if we do not want to sound the” de profundis “for the territory”. Hinterland of Milan, North-East quadrant, along the fast routes (Teem-Brebemi-A4), the storage of goods is occupying the (few) green militants left who have not resigned themselves to the concrete that has invaded these lands.
The platforms where dozens and dozens of trucks arrive every day traveling from South to North and from half of Europe stand out with their acronyms in large letters in the middle of the countryside.

The last case a Vaprio, where ecologists for months have been denouncing “the almost 15 concrete soccer fields arriving in the wake of Lidl. The German discount giant has requested and obtained from the administration permission to build a super-warehouse on provincial 525: 125 thousand square meters “.
“It is the paradigm of what is happening throughout the area, interventions unrelated to each other that united on a map are a heavy mortgage on the future “, they explain to the association. After having unsuccessfully asked the mayors to sit around a table to draw up a map of the risk, the activists have turned to the judiciary on individual cases: they hope that the appeals will stop land consumption.

Why i numbers are staggering: “According to data from the Milan Polytechnic, one third of the 3,393 abandoned areas in Lombardy, equal to almost 5 thousand hectares spread across 650 centers, are in the Milanese area – explains the regional president Barbara Meggetto -. This is a value equal to 10 times the surface of the logistics settlements built in the last decade, about 5 million square meters covered. “This is the scary cake in the era of e-commerce and delivery, which are growing sectors unstoppable who have a continuous need for space to store goods before deliveries. “The weakening of the Provinces has left the Municipalities alone to deal with the multinationals – Meggetto reasons -. Villages are the easiest to entice and at the same time the least equipped to demand adequate compensation and compensation, other than the promises of tax revenues and jobs. The Region, then, has its faults: by creating new highways it has taken care to make areas more and more attractive for the arrival of platforms, but not to govern the critical aspects of sustainability linked to their presence “.
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