Muti, proud of Italy even if he betrays the music – Ultima Ora

Muti, proud of Italy even if he betrays the music – Ultima Ora
Muti, proud of Italy even if he betrays the music – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – MILAN, 04 DEC – “I feel proud to belong to this country, which betrays us”: Riccardo Muti’s academy of Italian opera was born from this painful awareness of the lack of attention given to music in his homeland , whose seventh edition got underway tonight at the Prada Foundation, with which it was organized for the first time. “We must try to recover the beautiful, the splendid, otherwise – and this is the purpose of the Master – we will fall into routine, into the squalid”.

A lesson-show focused on Verdi’s Nabucco, the opera by Giuseppe Verdi with which Muti made his debut in 1986 as conductor of La Scala and which he has chosen as an object of study for the young conductors and master collaborators at the piano, who will have the privilege of working with him in the next few days.

Ten days of rehearsals and lessons until you get to direct the opera on 15 December in Milan and then in Ravenna and Rimini. The eliminations – explained Muti to the public of the Foundation, including Miuccia Prada, Patrizio Bertelli, the artists Maurizio Cattelan and Francesco Vezzoli – closed only yesterday and, of the 200 candidates from all over the world, 5 young directors were chosen among the 18 and 35 years old, including an Italian.

To be selected, “they had to go through the caudine forks that I apply” said Muti, explaining that it is essential for him that they have a degree in composition and that they sit at the piano to concert with the singers, as he himself has done in over two hours. presentation of the work, open to the public, as will the rehearsals in the next few days.

To his students, Muti immediately began to give advice: “an orchestra conductor must not accept everything a director says: either he disputes or he goes away”. He reminded the collaborating teachers of their role: “which is not that of the pianist who sits at the piano because the conductor does not know how to play”.

Nabucco, for him, has another particular meaning, because “it is the work of my debut as musical director at La Scala in 1986: an ideal bridge – he concluded – to return to work in the city that was formative and very important for my life as a musician “. . (HANDLE).

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