Weather forecast, snow confirmed on the plains: “Immaculate white also in Milan and Turin”

Weather forecast, snow confirmed on the plains: “Immaculate white also in Milan and Turin”
Weather forecast, snow confirmed on the plains: “Immaculate white also in Milan and Turin”

Rome, 4 December 2021 – Exquisitely winter climate on theItaly with the name which in the next few days will also whitewash the plains. It is the picture provided by the latter forecast which essentially confirms what has already been anticipated. The Arctic lunge, already the second of this December, will affect the bridge of the Immaculate Conception, bringing showers and thunderstorms along the Peninsula and paving the way to the asphalt of various northern cities. In the next few hours still bad weather, with rain and strong winds that will mainly affect the central-southern regions: the Civil Protection has issued aweather alert.


The team warns that Sunday the perturbation fueled by cold air it will once again whiten the eastern Alps and all the Apennines, bringing the snow to hilly altitudes, especially in the Triveneto area and in Central Emilia. 3bWeather predicts snow “as far as 400-600m gradually running out between Lombardy ed Emilia” e from 300 meters between Veneto e Friuli.

Veneto Weather

In parallel rains e showers they will wet the Sardinia and the central-southern Tyrrhenian regions, with the possibility of phenomena at times of strong intensity, for example on the high Tuscany and on the coasts of the Campania (other details at the end of the article). We find the same instability in Sicily.

Quota name also down on Apennine ridge fino a 800-900m. Time will be instead more dry and sunny in the North West and the middle Adriatic. As for the mercury column, meteorologists point out that the temperature they will tend to decrease, a prelude to further cooling that will make our teeth chatter in the coming days.

The Civil Protection Department has released a weather alert per storm winds on the coastal areas of Tuscany and Lazio, in extension from Sunday morning to Basilicata, Calabria e Sicily. On the Tyrrhenian side of Basilicata e Calabria the sticker is orange: heavy rainfall is expected, locally also very intense with randinate, lightning and strong gusts of wind.

According to 3BMeteo at the beginning of the next week the Arctic front will linger on the southern peninsular regions and on those of the middle Adriatic, triggering more rain and snow on the Apennines. Within Wednesday 8 December, feast of the Immaculate Conception, one new disturbance it should then target the regions of the North West and the Middle Tyrrhenian Sea, “bringing rain and snow on the Alps, but probably also on flat stretches of the western Po Valley”, reads the website.

Where will the snow fall? “Essentially in the Northwest but not just in Piedmont – explains 3bMeteo – locally also on Liguria in the Genoa area. “Then Lombardy and Emilia “especially the Piacentino and the western Parma area. “Moving eastward, the probability of snow falls decreases with the entry into an area of ​​low pressure which will determine an increase in the snow level. lists the cities at risk of snow: Cuneo, Turin, Genoa, Milan, Varese, Como, Bergamo, Brescia, Pavia and Piacenza (but also Verona eVicenza) and goes on to estimate the possible accumulations “between 2/5 in Piedmont and about 5/10 cm in Lombardy and western Emilia”.

8 December: because it is the feast of the Immaculate Conception. What is celebrated

General conditions of good weather, albeit with increasing cloudiness during the day. Snow up to the bottom of the valley on the border reliefs of the Aosta Valley. Maximum temperatures: 11 ° in Genoa, 7 ° in Turin, 6 ° in Milan.

Snowfall from 300-500 meters on the Triveneto Alps; some rain in the plains. Fioccate also on the Emilian Apennines at very low altitudes, locally on the adjacent plains. Sunnier elsewhere. Maximum temperatures: 11 ° in Bolzano, 8 ° in Bologna and Venice.

Center and Sardinia
Rain at times intense in upper Tuscany, lower Lazio, Umbria and Sardinia. Snow from 900-1000 meters on the Apennines and Sardinian reliefs. Drier with bright spells on Marche and Abruzzo. Maximum temperatures: 14 ° in Cagliari and Rome, 12 ° in Florence.

South and Islands
Widespread unstable weather, with showers and local thunderstorms in Campania, Calabria, Basilicata, western Sicily and southern Puglia. Snow on the Apennines above 1200 meters. Maximum temperatures: 14 ° in Naples, 13 ° in Bari, 15 ° in Palermo.

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