do not steal the Quirinale from us, Salvini also joins. Sign the petition here – Libero Quotidiano

do not steal the Quirinale from us, Salvini also joins. Sign the petition here – Libero Quotidiano
do not steal the Quirinale from us, Salvini also joins. Sign the petition here – Libero Quotidiano

Pietro Senaldi

04 December 2021

«It is nowhere written that the President of the Republic must necessarily be close to the left, and al Pd particularly. I strongly adhere to the daily campaign Free. Sovereignty belongs to the people and not to the radical chic. Prejudices or exclusions are not tolerable, it is incredible that certain leftists want to impose orders and vetoes on the center-right. Politics must resume its role without the interference of the judiciary ». With these words, harsh and peremptory, of Matteo Salvini, which are added to the equally definitive ones of president Mattarella, who in short accused the leaders of the Democratic Party of stalking for their repeated insistence on imposing a second term on him, the race for the Quirinale is reset. Yesterday was the new zero day.

After the direct of Mattarella, who put Letta and his companions on the ground, the blow of the ko of the Northern League leader on the ambitions of the dem. Free, with his campaign, he is proud of having raised the problem of the arrogance of the left, of which the center-right risked being held hostage, and of having induced Salvini to take a strong and identifying position. As usual, too much is good and reckless attacks expose those who make them to deadly counter-attacks. It all started with hate campaign of the Everyday occurrence against Silvio Berlusconi, the man elected three times Prime Minister by the Italians and dismissed by sinister maneuvers at the Palazzo, with the complicity of Europe and the Italian judiciary. The persecution as a fault and this as the impediment to the Forza Italia leader from aspiring to the presidency of the Republic. Here is the Labor scheme against which politics has rebelled.

Perhaps Berlusconi will not make it to go to the Quirinale; but from today he has more possibilities and, above all, his own candidacy acquires institutional dignity. Salvini’s phrases reunite the center-right on the most important battle in the coming months and give the electorate the hope that, if Silvio is not going to ascend the Colle, in any case not even the various ones will go there. Franceschini, Bindi, Finocchiaro, Veltroni and company out of tune. The leader of the league said he is working hard for a “prestigious” candidacy. At this point either Draghi gives signs of aspiring to the Quirinale, or the best around is Berlusconi. If Super Mario goes to Colle, the government falls and probably the legislature ends, the left supports. But if he doesn’t go there, only with Berlusconi head of state and the compact center-right does his adventure at Palazzo Chigi have hopes of going forward. Why the various Beloved, Cartabia or who for them would never be able to keep the toy together.

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