“Viminale desalvinizzato”, here is who places at the ministry – Libero Quotidiano

“Viminale desalvinizzato”, here is who places at the ministry – Libero Quotidiano
“Viminale desalvinizzato”, here is who places at the ministry – Libero Quotidiano

The Minister of the Interior Luciana Lamorgese has nominated 88 prefects out of 105, in fact desalvinating the ministry, writes the Newspaper. “The prefectures, or territorial offices of the government (UTG), are very important territorial articulations of the state in our system. At the head of each prefecture sits a prefect, that is an official of the interior ministry who has reached the highest rank in his career. In addition to leading the territorial offices of the government, prefects can perform various other duties both in the ministry and as commissioners in municipalities or other bodies. For this the power of appointment attributed to the Minister of the Interior is of great importance “, says Openpolis.

After just over two years in office, Lamorgese appointed “about 84% of the prefects to the top of a territorial government office”. Much more than those designated by the predecessor Marco Minniti. Matteo Salvini, last owner of the Interior Ministry before her, she only appointed 14. During the mandate of the Lamorgese, Salvini’s decrees, aimed at blocking illegal immigration, were again initiated contacts with NGOs and there was a return to talk of ius soli. According to Openpolis “this is not an irrelevant fact. The prefectures in fact do not all have the same importance. Be appointed head of a prefecture rather than another it can make a lot of difference. A particular weight, for example, is reserved for the prefectures of the regional capitals, which among other things perform functions of connection between the government and the regional administration “.

“This – explains the Northern League deputy Gianni Tonelli -, says a lot about the fact that, as I have already contested in the courtroom in the information for the demonstration in Piazza del Popolo and the attack on the CGIL, you are involved in politics. It is clear that he is not a technical minister, but a political one and this is an assessment. He has handled the Salvini decrees. She entered the ius soli, manages the prefecture chessboard. What is he but a political minister? “.

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Viminale desalvinizzato places ministry Libero Quotidiano

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