Can you go to Switzerland from Lombardy? The new rules for Christmas 2021, including pads and masks

Milano – With Covid-19 infections on the rise across Europe – including Italy and Swiss – the Swiss Confederation announced new emergency measures to stem the spread of the virus and in particular the Omicron variant.

From Monday 6 December 2021, all those who enter (or re-enter) Switzerland must undergo a molecular buffer before crossing the Swiss border and a second swab (molecular or rapid antigenic) between the fourth and seventh day from the arrival in Switzerland. This measure is valid for all citizens of over 16 years of age (children are therefore exempt), whether they are vaccinated or not, including those who have recovered from Covid-19. The cost of the tampons is borne by the citizens and the results must be communicated to the canton to which one is directed.

But be careful: what has been said so far is the general rule, but there are some exceptions. Who is wondering if he can go to Switzerland from Lombardy for work (or even for tourism) we immediately specify that the buffer obligation does not apply to those arriving from border regions. Since Lombardy is bordering on Switzerland, for the frontier workers it is not mandatory to take the tests, nor is it necessary to fill in any entry form.

Consequently, entry into Switzerland (in auto, but also in train o in bus) for residents in Lombardy it is practically free, unless otherwise specified in local ordinances, and except for normal border controls independent of the Covid emergency. In addition to Lombardy, the other neighboring Italian regions with Switzerland, for which there are therefore no restrictions, are Piedmont, Valle d’Aosta and Trentino Alto Adige. German citizens from Baden-Württemberg and Bavaria can also enter Switzerland freely; the French from the Grand Est, Burgundy-Franche-Comté and Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes regions; the Austrians of Tyrol and Vorarlberg; and people from the entire territory of Liechtenstein.

Ma is a mask compulsory in Switzerland? While in Italy many municipalities have reintroduced the obligation to wear a mask outdoors in the streets at risk of gatherings (from Milano a Varese, gives What a Lecco, in Lombardy there are many cities where you have to wear the mask outdoors, albeit at different times and methods), in Switzerland outdoors there is no obligation even if the advice is obviously to wear it especially if you do not can maintain a safe interpersonal distance; indoors, however, it is practically always mandatory, from shops to public transport, up to indoor events, in all structures where the Swiss Covid certificate is mandatory. In restaurants it is mandatory to consume only while sitting and in places where for any reason it is not possible to wear a mask, contact details are recorded.


Switzerland Lombardy rules Christmas including pads masks

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