the supermarket calls, even without experience

Great Esselunga competition, which hires 3,000 new figures nationwide. Doors open in the supermarket to graduates and graduates, even without experience.

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Hiring without experience. A wording that often attracts us when the mouse cursor scrolls through the various job offers proposed on the reference web pages. Difficult to happen in certain contexts. Perhaps this is why, basically, we tend to look with suspicion at what, on the contrary, it should be a wedding invitation. Since, for the most part, we are used to job offers that do not always correspond to what is proposed (or without the necessary information), even in the face of a similar wording we proceed with natural caution. Even if it comes from important names.

In any case, just as there are false offers, there are just as many that actually correspond to important opportunities. Those that could allow us to conquer the coveted permanent position, or in any case a more stable contract. Maybe indeterminate. Competitions, in this sense, are the best solution even if the audience of competitors is much wider. However, these are important events, because they are intended for all qualifications. A well-known supermarket such as Esselunga has decided to follow this path, recruiting 3,000 new forces among graduates and high school graduates.

Work, the Esselunga mega-competition: those looking for the supermarket

An excellent opportunity then. Also because, both graduates and graduates will be able to access the competition without necessarily having accumulated previous experience in the sector. And, in general, in the workplace. Esselunga, from this point of view, is a good guarantee. Active since the 1950s, in the last decade it has expanded its business opening a new office also in Rome and already in the past indicating important competitions for the recruitment of new staff even without experience. The minimum requirement, as mentioned, is the educational qualification: high school diploma or degree, with the possibility of being hired valid for both categories.

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The profiles sought, without distinction between the various titles, will be sorted in the various offices of Esselunga. Specifically: Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia-Romagna, Tuscany, Veneto, Liguria and Lazio. The hires will be employed in various jobs inside the supermarket, from the simple sales person to the responsible person in charge of the Atlantic Bar, but also the student receiver, the student responsible EsserBella, the person in charge and even the pharmacist. The doors are also open in the gastronomy, fresh, butchery, parapharmacy and other departments. For new workers, the supermarket offers a period of internship and training, with paid courses (minimum wage of 1,000 euros). Always Esselunga, it encourages the search for new resources by promoting meetings in universities and schools. To apply, simply access the “Work with us” section of the site and proceed with the application.

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