Florence inaugurates the highest Ferris wheel in Italy – Tuscany

Florence inaugurates the highest Ferris wheel in Italy – Tuscany
Florence inaugurates the highest Ferris wheel in Italy – Tuscany

Structure will be temporary, until mid-January

(ANSA) – FLORENCE, 04 DEC – The mobile Ferris wheel, the highest in Italy, was inaugurated today at the Fortezza da Basso in Florence: 55 meters for 42 cabins. It was installed inside the ‘Florence Ice Village’, where there is also the skating rink, the longest in Europe, illuminated with 50 thousand LED lights. The wheel will cost 12 euros (10 for residents and 7 for children under ten). To manage the structure – which will be temporary, until mid-January – will be the owner of Runner Pizza Tiziano Capitani in a consortium with other members. “The wheel will certainly be the attraction of the year in relation to Christmas,” said Nardella.
“I believe – added the mayor – that the city should also speak to young people, to families. I am a father of three children, many times my children ask me to do something fun. I believe that the novelty of the wheel is a message to a community to live joyfully together this Christmas, obviously with great attention. Then I remember one thing: the place where today we have the wheel and the skating rink was a center of the shop. I think then that citizens prefer a place where children live and by families, instead of a place dominated by drug dealers. This is the message we give: before there was crime and degradation, today there will be joy and fun “. “In our opinion it is a great opportunity – said the councilor for commerce of Palazzo Vecchio Federico Gianassi -. In this place we have said many times that a redevelopment operation was necessary through experiences for the citizens, here we achieve different objectives in Just one shot. Like all the news, this one also provokes discussion and rightly so: however we want to send a signal, discussions are fine, but Florence cannot be firm with respect to innovations because the city deserves it “.


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Florence inaugurates highest Ferris wheel Italy Tuscany

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