Quirinale, FdI denies the background: “No confidential conversation between Meloni and Letta”

Quirinale, FdI denies the background: “No confidential conversation between Meloni and Letta”
Quirinale, FdI denies the background: “No confidential conversation between Meloni and Letta”

No private meetings, no negotiations, no under-the-table maneuvers Quirinale. Fratelli d’Italia decisively denies the background according to which between Giorgia Meloni ed Enrico Letta contacts would be underway on the strategies to be followed in view of the election of the President of the Republic, which also appeared today in the press and instrumentally re-launched by Clemente Mastella during the constituent assembly of his new party.

FdI: no confidential contact between Meloni and Letta sul Colle

“AND baseless the news of a meeting between the president of the Brothers of Italy, Giorgia Meloni, and the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, as reported today by the press. And the news that the president of the Brothers of Italy has ever talked about Quirinale with the secretary of the Democratic Party on a confidential basis is unfounded “, reads a note from the FdI. «The last contacts between the two date back to several weeks ago and concern Meloni’s invitation to Letta for “Atreju21”. The Pd secretary – he still remembers the clarification – will be a guest of the event on Thursday 9 December in Piazza Risorgimento, Rome “.

Melons and Letta together at Vespa… and it is immediately hidden plots

The murmurs had begun on the occasion of the participation of Meloni and Letta at the presentation of the book by Bruno Vespa, Why Mussolini ruined Italy of 18 November. In particular, it had been Free to write about “that strange harmony on the” no “to Silvio Berlusconi” “, making a forcing not just, given that the leader of FdI has always said that if the Cav were a candidate it would be the first choice, but also that – as he reiterated yesterday – we must deal with the numbers and the center-right must prepare, together and compactly, for a possible option B in order not to be excluded from a game in which he can “play a leading role” .

The background on the Pd that would like the candidacy of Cav

Today the forcing is even stronger. To propose it is a background by Francesco Verderami on Corriere della Sera, in which we speak of “Strange games (by the Democratic Party) on the race to the Quirinale”. Here the contacts between Letta and Meloni would no longer be on no, but on yes to the candidacy, to be converted to no at the time of the voting. A tangle that would be aimed for the Pd to block Draghi’s race at the Quirinale and for the center-right, with the participation of Matteo Salvini, it is not clear to what.

The greedy opportunity of Clemente Mastella

One thing, however, is certain: nurturing the idea of ​​a center-right not only divided, but in “brother knives” mode, is a game that, as Meloni herself stressed over and over again, it only benefits the left. And now also for those looking to carve out a place in the sun, taking advantage of the shadow of the Quirinale. First among all Clemente Mastella, which today, while launching his appeal to create a federation of the center, he warned Berlusconi on the fact that “he must be careful”.

If the Quirinale becomes like that game for children …

“These Meloni-Letta talks they say a lot, because they want to bring Draghi at all costs, after which there is a risk of going to the vote “, argued Mastella, offering a further, different version of this background that appears more and more like a “Wireless phone”, that game in which even the simplest and most obvious of phrases start one way and arrive completely misrepresented at the end. A bit like taking part in the presentation of a book and suddenly finding yourself protagonists of the most unlikely political plots.

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